Nancy Mace goes HARD on George Stephanopoulos after his ‘attempt to shame her’ as a rape victim

A congresswoman’s endorsement of the former president devolved into a “shame” session as “disgusting” George Stephanopoulos pushed a rape narrative.

As the 2024 general election shapes up to be a rematch of 2020, the GOP had endeavored to make the vote a referendum on President Joe Biden’s policies while leftists focused on former President Donald Trump. In towing that line, ABC host George Stephanopoulos challenged South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace (R) on her support of the party pick considering her own experience as a victim of rape.

With Trump made to post bond as he filed an appeal of the more than $83 million ruling in E. Jean Carroll’s defamation suit, the former White House communications director for then-President Bill Clinton insisted on marking the Republican as “liable for rape” during the majority of a nearly 10-minute interview to suggest that Mace was “comfortable” with that.

“I was brought on to talk about 2024…instead Clinton crony turned fake journalist [Stephanopoulos] attacked me and tried to shame me as a rape victim. Gross,” the congresswoman captioned the video of the combative “This Week” appearance.

After playing 2019 remarks of Mace from the House floor, Stephanopoulos had asked, “How do you square your endorsement of Donald Trump with the testimony we just saw?”

“I was raped at the age of 16. And any rape victim will tell you I’ve lived for 30 years with an incredible amount of shame over being raped,” the lawmaker replied before turning the topic around on the host.  “It’s a shame that you will never feel, George. And I’m not gonna sit here on your show and be asked a question meant to shame me about another potential rape victim. I’m not gonna do that.”

The hostile back-and-forth regarding Trump’s liability for battery and defamation was only briefly interrupted for Stephanopoulos to hold Mace’s post-Jan. 6 comments against her, as she had said the president should not hold office again at the time, only for him to return to the issue of rape.

Continuing her pushback on the treatment on the corporate media program, the South Carolina legislator posted on X, “I don’t need rape explained to me by a man and liberal Clinton fan who wants to make this election about rape. It’s disgusting.”

Sharing other coverage of the ABC argument, Mace posted, “I’m not going to be shamed for being raped by a guy who worked for a President who wagged his finger and lied to the American people about having oral sex with an intern in the Oval Office…STFU [Stephanopoulos].”

She was hardly alone in calling out Stephanopoulos after her appearance as others highlighted past behavior from the former White House senior adviser, including Newsmax host Greg Kelly, who shared excerpts from the pundit’s book referring to Clinton accusers as “Bimbos,” and Washington Examiner chief political correspondent Byron York who lambasted the repeated accusation that Trump was “liable for rape.”

Likewise, syndicated radio host Mark Levin sounded off, “Hey, George, how could you be a top adviser to a president, Bill Clinton, who was accused of rape and molesting women for decades? Actually, you ran the White House war room that smeared those women. In fact, how the hell did you wind up a ‘journalist’ on ABC News? What a pathetic joke!”

Kevin Haggerty


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