‘Christmas morning for crazy people’ as media, celebs rejoice over Trump’s arrest

Former President Donald J. Trump appeared in a New York City courtroom amidst a circus atmosphere of celebrating in the streets as a rare sunny day broke out for perpetually miserable leftists who reacted like small children on Christmas morning, with the jubilation spreading from lower Manhattan to television studios and exploded like fireworks across Twitter as media figures, celebs, and assorted other “crazy people” did a collective happy dance.

Tuesday was the culmination of years of leftist frustration during which the resilient Trump survived a plethora of scurrilous lawsuits, two failed impeachments, and a high-powered government witch hunt led by esteemed Deep State figurehead Robert Mueller, none of which ultimately bore fruit until now when shady George Soros-backed District Attorney Alvin Bragg and his team of partisan prosecutors cobbled together a trumped-up case centering around porn queen Stormy Daniels, a sleazy figure who has been treated like Mother Theresa by members of the so-called Resistance, especially those who are employed in the “news” industry.

Following days of buzz after the grand jury’s decision to charge Trump, the conveniently leaked indictment that was publicized just before he was to appear before Judge Juan Manuel Merchan listed 34 felony counts against the 2024 GOP frontrunner, stacked charges that could lead to a total of 136 years in prison, meaning that if a tainted jury pool in a city where no Republican could reasonably expect to get a fair trial, votes to convict, the 76-year-old Trump could spend his remaining days behind bars.

CNN’s celebrity anchor Anderson Cooper could barely contain his excitement as he called the event, “At This Moment at 1:24 P.M. Eastern Time. Donald J. Trump is under arrest,” he panted as Trump entered the building for his arraignment.

(Video: CNN)

Outside of the media coverage, Trump haters took to Twitter where they exalted in orgasmic ecstasy over a day when Bragg’s perversion of longstanding legal principles to arrest an opposition party leader drove a stake through the heart of the “democracy” that they constantly invoke as a justification for their rabid authoritarianism, putting the USA solidly in the domain of corrupt banana republics ruled over by despots in mirrored aviator sunglasses.

“Just want to put down the 3d chess board for a second and give Alvin Bragg his flowers for finally getting this done,” squealed race-obsessed bomb thrower Elie Mystal, a frequent MSNBC guest. “MANY law enforcement officials and agencies have had probable cause to do this over the last 40 years. Bragg finally did it.”

Fascistically inclined Sirius XM host Dean Obeidallah, another MSNBC contributor channeled slain civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“MLK: ‘The Arc of the Moral Universe is Long, But it Bends Toward Justice,” he tweeted. “In the case of Donald Trump, it has taken many years but today we see step ONE in holding Trump accountable. This what Justice looks like.”

“BREAKING: my ex-landlord arrested,” wrote perpetually unhinged leftist lunatic Keith Olbermann who sold his New York City condo at Trump Palace in 2016 to protest the future president.

“Trump=F**ked,” declared corpulent anti-Trump Hollywood ringleader Rob Reiner who rose to fame for his role as Archie Bunker’s pinko son-in-law in the classic sitcom “All In The Family,” and grew into a full-blown fascist who has spent years screaming for the former president’s arrest and imprisonment.

Left-wing actor John Cusack tweeted, “Trump Arrested . Stop saying this is a sad day -this is a great day!”

“BREAKING: Donald Trump’s ego,” gloated the disgraced collection of political grifters known as The Lincoln Project.

And in another example of the decline of a once great American magazine, Time put out a special Trump arrest issue with an image of an orange fingerprint on the cover, Joseph Goebbels himself would likely be proud.

The celebratory media coverage was perhaps best described by Grabien founder Tom Elliott who tweeted, “Basically Christmas morning for crazy people.”

Christmas truly came early for the anti-Trump resistance although the joy may not be enduring with Bragg’s flimsy case destined for the appeals court.


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