Chuck Schumer roasted over failed Father’s Day grill photo

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) was barbequed on Father’s Day when he posted a photo of himself grilling burgers and dogs — the beatdown was so bad that the Senate Majority Leader would eventually delete the post.

Interestingly, Schumer rocked a t-shirt to give off normal-guy vibes in recognizing the special day, while opting to call attention to his gay daughter’s marriage.

He wrote in a tweet, “Our family has lived in an apartment building for all our years, but my daughter and her wife just bought a house with a backyard and for the first time we’re having a barbecue with hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill! Father’s Day Heaven!

(Source: Screengrab X)

The optics were so bad that social media users concluded that the whole thing was staged. After all, the burgers appear to be raw while the dogs show grill marks, there’s already cheese on one of the uncooked patties, and there’s no sign of fire or smoke.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the now-deleted post which gives you an indication of why the Democratic leader decided to scrap the post altogether, as seen on the social media platform X:

Tom Tillison


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