Caitlin Clark ‘mugged’ again in vicious shot by hateful black rival who’s playing victim

Women’s basketball superstar Caitlin Clark may not make it through her first WNBA season due to the cheap shots that she’s been subjected to by resentful black players.

The Indiana Fever rookie who has drawn rare interest to a league that few have cared about, was mugged during Sunday’s home game against the Chicago Sky, taking a vicious blow to the head from Angel Reese, her former college rival who was hit with a flagrant foul for the on-court thuggery.

Clark was assaulted during the third quarter of the matinee contest as she was going in for a layup and took an unnecessary – and likely intentional – shot to the face, the latest example of the rough treatment to a woman who has been touted as the “savior” of the WNBA.

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Clark fell hard to the floor and play was stopped as the referees took a look at the incident on video before assessing the smack-talking former LSU star with the flagrant foul and sending the Fever guard to the free-throw line.

True to form, Reese played the victim after the game with catty remarks about Clark at the postgame presser.

“I guess some people got a special whistle,” she told reporters about being called for her flagrant blow to Clark’s head, one that could have caused a concussion.

Fearless founder and acclaimed sportswriter Jason Whitlock slammed the “delusional” Reese over her phony victimhood.

“The ‘special whistle’  isn’t what’s interesting. This is: ‘We’re not going to be denied no matter what you guys try to do,'” he wrote on X. “She thinks the media is against her. Delusional. Always a victim.”

“Angel Reese takes total swing at Caitlin Clark’s head, gets flagrant foul. They hate Clark because she’s white. Fever have to get an enforcer or Clark’s going to be knocked out for the year on one of these plays,” Outkick founder and nationally syndicated talk radio host Clay Travis posted to X.

“Caitlin Clark literally has a hate crime committed against her every WNBA game while her teammates sit by and watch it happen… it’s really shameful to watch,” another X user opined.

Earlier this month, Clark was mugged by another black WNBA player who knocked her to the ground with what should have been a flagrant foul.

While it should be obvious to any objective observer that the league’s black lesbian players despise Clark because of her skin color, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith just couldn’t help himself by linking her rude welcome to the WNBA to former President Donald J. Trump.

“There’s a broader issue here that can’t be escaped, and that is this: She is a White young lady. And she’s been a magnet in a way that has benefitted the league in ways that others have not, even though their efforts have been worthy and deserving of being as celebrated, if not even more celebrated,” Smith said on Friday’s edition of “First Take.”

“And it’s a reminder that no matter how far we believe that we have advanced as a society, there’s still such a long way to go. Because in the end, if you’re white, you’re bright, you’re right, and as a result, the shine comes your way in the eyes of a lot of people in America,” Smith said in his monologue, before mentioning Trump.

“‘Make America Great Again.’ What have people interpreted that to mean? ‘Make America White Again…’ What has that led to? A divide,” he said. “It is not a divide that is created. It is a divide that’s illuminated because it’s highlighting and showing that it’s been in existence all along. It hasn’t gone anywhere.”

“Caitlin Clark has broken ESPN. They have no idea how to address black lesbian women hating her because she’s white and straight because it shatters identity politics so you get word salads like this,” Travis said on X in a reaction to Smith’s rant.

Despite being clubbed, Clark came out on top, posting 23 points in the Fever’s 91-83 win, her second as a pro against the hateful Reese and her team.

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