Chuck Todd cites ‘all the experts’ to declare MORE immigration is the fix to inflation in America

Chuck Todd might be willing to accept the likelihood that Republicans will gain control of the House and Senate on Tuesday, but he couldn’t stop shilling for the progressive agenda generating the change as he contended the key to tackling inflation–legal immigration.

(Video: NBC News)

So went the unsubstantiated premise that the NBC News anchor dropped Sunday on “Meet the Press” during an interview with National Republican Senatorial Committee chairman Sen. Rick Scott of Florida ahead of the big red wave.

Setting the stage for this profound economic insight, Todd first framed the argument to make the GOP out to be obstructionists should the will of the people favor them in the midterms.

“I’m gonna take you at your word. You’re gonna get the House, you’re gonna get the Senate,” he started. “What’s the first bill a Republican Congress sends to the president’s desk that you actually think he would sign?”

When Scott presented a number of key issues that needed to be addressed including border security, crime and inflation, Todd countered back, “Let me ask you…inflation. You saw that’s the biggest- that’s the number one issue, people are dissatisfied with this economy. What’s the first bill you guys can pass that you think can impact inflation?”

“I think the thing we have to work on is…on inflation, it’s all tied to reckless government spending,” the senator argued without also addressing the excessive printing of money. “We’ve got to get our budget in control, we gotta figure out how we’re gonna balance the budget, so that’s the first thing we have had to do.”

Todd had a different idea in mind when it came to a solution and, much like how President Joe Biden had routinely said he couldn’t do anything about lowering gas prices before taking credit for doing just that, the anchor’s solution was a convenient way to blame Republicans for lasting inflation despite repeated scapegoats like the previous administration or corporate greed.

“All the experts,” the host said without any attempt to back up that claim, “say legal immigration is the number one thing we need to deal with in Congress in order to deal with inflation. Everything else is on the Fed. But that’s the number one issue. Are you guys going to deal with that?”

Shaking his head and muttering no under his breath, Scott looked visibly stunned over Todd’s assertion before he answered without accepting the premise, “I hope we deal with, first, securing the border, figure out how we have legal immigration where people who want to live our dream can come in here, but I think let’s go back. We have to figure out how to spend our money better. We’ve got to figure out do we get to a balanced budget and preserve the programs we care about. That’s what we have to do if we don’t we’ll never get inflation under control.”

What can be said with certainty about an uptick in immigration is, according to data compiled by the Center for Immigration Studies led by director of research Steven Camarota, it has sidelined nearly 20 million American men, knocking them out of the labor force.

“What immigration does is let you just ignore social problems,” Camarota had said earlier this year. According to the data, since 2000 the number of working-age immigrants had increased by nine million while the number of Americans who left the labor force rose by over 10 million.

“It reflects progressive ideology about very generous welfare and a completely permissive immigration system,” Camarota went on to explain about the negative outcomes. When “coupled with the business community’s desire for more and more cheap labor, and indifference to the crowding-out of American workers” there can be no alternative outcome.

However, like Democrats preparing for a routing Tuesday by suggesting a worsening economy in 2023 will be the fault of the Republicans, Todd seemed to be throwing an excuse at the wall to see if it would stick, knowing the GOP has a very different idea about immigration reform than the open-borders left.

Kevin Haggerty


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