Claim that 21-year-old hostage showed ‘appreciation and thanks’ to Hamas at release draws viral backlash

Relief over the release of some hostages by Hamas took a “f*cking lunatic” twist when one “journalist” took a stab at propagandizing for terrorists.

“I’d say that is a look of appreciation and thanks.”

Over the weekend, the four-day ceasefire promoted by President Joe Biden began and, after being held for more than seven weeks, the first waves of hostages were set free in exchange for prisoners.

Amid mixed reactions regarding the delay in achieving the release of only a fraction of the dozens of hostages and the joy of reunions for those returned to their loved ones, one “ghoulish” take earned the Community Notes treatment for attempting to wax poetic over Hamas hospitality.

“I’m not a facial expression expert, but judging by the look in her eyes and the expression on her face,” wrote the self-described journalist account of a user going by Maree Campbell, “I’d say that is a look of appreciation and thanks.”

The post included a screenshot of a girl from the hostage release said to be Mia Regev and added, “Might it be that she is saying thanks for being treated unexpectedly well whilst in captivity?”

Linking to a report from The Messenger that described Regev as one of festival attendees that had been taken alongside her brother in lieu of getting slaughtered like scores of others, the Community Note read, “Mia Regev was shot by Palestinian terrorists before they abducted her & her brother. They held her with a bullet wound for 50 days as a hostage and only released her pursuant to an agreement freeing convicted criminals from jail. She needed immediate medical care upon release.”

The formal rebuttal was far from the only check imposed on the post as others fired off their disgust for the spin, including author Bethany Mandel who stated in no uncertain terms, “They shot her and probably killed her brother you f*cking lunatic.”

Business adviser and entrepreneur Carol Roth tacked on, “If you are taken hostage, you are not, by definition, being treated well.”

Her take earned the response, “Kidnapping is the new sleepover,” to which Roth replied, “A mostly peaceful kidnapping,” as others sounded off in kind.

In spite of the backlash, the account persisted while heaping on to the antisemitism with a complaint about the fact check, “This community notes should be rated down — because ‘the context’ it is adding is from an unreliable source and is totally irrelevant to the content of my post. Together, let’s beat the Zionists who are trying to game the system and harass us into silence.”

A reply from Newsmax executive producer Mandy Del Rio parsed the post and translated, “‘Zionists’ okay got it, you’re just an unabashed antisemite.”

Meanwhile, others were spurred to positively rate the note to further expose Campbell “…as a liar and a ghoul…”

Kevin Haggerty


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