Climate cultists arrested for blocking airport runway near Boston

Police arrested a group of left-wing miscreants whose belief in a global climate apocalypse apparently makes them feel that they are entitled to deprive sane people of their right to travel freely.

On Saturday, members of the local chapter of the global group Extinction Rebellion showed up at Hanscom Field Airport where they blocked the runway in a protest against the proposed expansion of the airport which is located about 21 miles northwest of Boston.

Massachusetts State Police said at least 20 activists breached a perimeter and shut down a runway which resulted in a brief closure of the airport. The troublemakers were arrested.

(Video: YouTube: WCVB Channel 5 Boston)

Law enforcement’s job was made easier because in this case, none of the climate doomsday cultists glued themselves to the tarmac as has been frequently seen in Europe during similar airport climate tantrums.

“The Bedford Police Department is assisting Hanscom personnel and Massachusetts State Police as a mutual aid partner at Hanscom in response to reports of numerous disruptive, protesters and trespassers. At this time, there does not appear to be any danger to the Bedford community. Residents will notice an increased presence of emergency and police vehicles throughout the day. The Bedford Police Department is fully staffed and additional personnel have been called in to maintain our usual patrol strength in the community,” Bedford Police said in a Facebook post.

“Everyone who was arrested today came here knowing there was a possibility they might be arrested. No one was taken by surprise,” said Jamie McGonagill of Extinction Rebellion Boston.

“Climate activists disrupt business as usual at Hanscom Airfield, joining the ongoing community effort to resist the proposed expansion of 17 new hangars, which would create a 300% increase in private jet services. The expected CO2 emissions from the resulting private jet flights would negate 70% of the climate benefits of all the solar PV ever installed in Massachusetts,” Extinction Rebellion said in a press release.

“Extinction Rebellion condemns new fossil fuel infrastructure that will be in operation for decades, preventing us from achieving decarbonization and threatening us with runaway global heating and an uninhabitable Earth. Extinction Rebellion calls on Governor Maura Healey to publicly oppose the Hanscom Airfield expansion, and all expansion of private airfields for the ultra-wealthy,” the group said.

“It’s an unjust atrocity that we allow the wealthy to pour greenhouse gases into our atmosphere just because they can. The 1% accounts for 50% of all aviation emissions. Governor Healey has not taken a stand on this issue, so we’re here to stop these flights from taking off since she hasn’t done it herself. This expansion, and private jet use in general, must be stopped,” Boston-based sustainability professional James Comiskey who was one of those arrested said.

“The proposed Hanscom Airport Expansion project is currently undergoing environmental review. Our administration will closely review the findings, “Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey, a Democrat, said in a statement.

Chris Donaldson


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