Bikini-rocking, beer slamming ‘crazy plane lady’ sets internet abuzz with anti-woke messaging

Accusations of “cashing in” flew as a bikini-clad selfie from the “crazy plane lady” prompted political reactions: “Wonder how many people I’m gonna piss off with this post.”

Intended or not, Tiffany Gomas set off social media this week when she posted a selfie like a shoutout to Conservative Dad’s “Real Women of America” 2024 calendar that featured “the most beautiful conservative women in America.”

Wednesday, wearing a bikini that matched the one former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines had posed in for the Ultra Right Beer promotion, Gomas could also be seen holding a can of the brew as she captioned the image, “Wonder how many people I’m gonna piss off with this post.”

With more than 8 million views and nearly 60,000 likes at the time of this post, Gomas, who had become known for her July 2023 outburst on a plane that made the phrase “that motherf*cker back there is not real” trend, had garnered considerable support from many who hadn’t searched for an ulterior motive — including some who had appeared in the calendar.

However, as the “plane lady’s” snapshot was contrasted with Bud Light’s disastrous Dylan Mulvaney sponsorship, many jumped to the conclusion that Gomas was profiting off the promotion of Ultra Right Beer and raking it in on the anti-woke messaging.

As social media suggestions translated into headlines, Ultra Right’s CEO Seth Weathers stepped in to set the record straight while scoring some points for his brand in the process.

“‘Cashes in,'” he captioned over a post from the Daily Mail. “FAKE NEWS! @Tiffany_Gomas didn’t charge us anything to post a photo drinking an Ultra Right Beer lol.”

Weathers also responded to a request for comment form Newsweek and told the outlet that Gomas “is not paid by us. Beautiful women are just attracted to our brand.”

Gomas confirmed as much herself with reactions to a considerable number of comments to her original image, including one where she appeared to welcome the idea of a collaboration with the beer brand, “Sadly I’m not ‘promoting’ anything…but hey @ultrarightbeer since these fools want to talk, let’s give them something to talk about!”

Elsewhere, she thanked Ed Krassenstein who blasted the coverage of the trending photo and said, “How dare Gomas maybe be a Republican!”

“LOL THANK YOU,” she replied. “Literally cannot fathom how this turned into a news story…Just because I’m a republican, doesn’t mean I bash the left. I can be what I am, and others can be what they want. I wasn’t ‘taunting’ anyone in any way.”

However, Gomas, who had supported Gaines’ suit with other college athletes against the NCAA for allowing men to compete against women, did take advantage of her trending account to speak out in favor of protecting women’s spaces and said, “So…is now an appropriate time to tell y’all men don’t belong in women’s sports?!”

Kevin Haggerty


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