CNBC changes article 3 times, afraid to misgender trans Army officer accused of selling intel to Russia

The U.S. Army’s first so-called “transgender woman” officer and his wife have been indicted over an alleged plot to sell classified American intel to Russia, and hilariously enough, the uber-“woke” media have no clue how to report it.

The problem is that the “transgender woman,” Maj. Jamie Lee Henry, is a guy, but admitting as much would count as so-called “misgendering.”

“Misgendering” happens when someone refers to a transgender person by the person’s actual biological pronouns versus their made-up “transgender” pronouns.

But there’s another problem. To refer to Henry with his made-up “transgender” pronouns would mean acknowledging that he’s transgender.

Why would this be a problem? Because Henry’s actions could produce negative stigma for so-called “transgender” people, and that too would be a big no-no.

And so what is the media to do?


CNBC has rewritten the first sentence of its story on Henry three times.

Originally, the first sentence read as follows: “A U.S. Army major doctor and his physician wife have been charged with a criminal plot to give confidential medical information related to members of the U.S. military and their spouses to the Russian government.”

Then CNBC changed “his” to “their.”

Then CNBC changed “their” to “her.”

And then CNBC changed “her” back to “their.”

Someone sounds confused, and all thanks to “woke” madness.

Pronouns shouldn’t be this complicated. Indeed, for us at the American Wire News, there’s nothing complicated about it at all. Henry was born a biological male, and so he’s still a biological male, and therefore his pronouns are he/him/his.

But the media, bless their hearts, no longer recognize biological sex. Being as they’re “woke,” they feel compelled to jump through pointless hoops to appease the priests of “wokedom,” who in this case are, of course, the transgender community.

The irony is they seem more concerned with not offending the “transgender” community than with reporting Henry’s shocking crimes.

That said …

“The couple, 39-year-old Maj. Jamie Lee Henry, and anesthesiologist Anna Gabrielian, 36, aimed to help Russia in its ongoing war against Ukraine, according to federal prosecutors,” according to CNBC.

“The Rockville, Maryland, couple believed they were passing medical information to a Russian Embassy employee, according to an eight-count indictment unsealed Thursday in Baltimore federal court. But in reality, the recipient of the confidential material was an undercover FBI agent.”

Henry and his wife are therefore effectively traitors, which raises the question of why pronouns matter in the face of something so damning and atrocious:

Something similar happened over the summer when the BBC altered an alleged rape victim’s quotes to avoid so-called “misgendering” the victim’s female rapist.

Returning to the present, CNBC reportedly isn’t the only network that’s experienced difficulty trying to report Henry’s crimes. So has Reuters. However, Reuters went a different route.

The establishment network went with he/him/his pronouns because Henry apparently “identified as a male” while in court on Thursday.

Reuters’ justice reporter, Sarah Lynch, explained below:

While Reuters made the correct decision, it did so based on flimsy logic. What if Henry had “identified” as a woman in court? Heck, what if Henry had “identified” as a Ninja Mutant Ninja Turtle? What then!?

The point is that the media should be basing its pronoun decisions on clear-cut biological fact, i.e., on the undeniable, inexorable truth.

But as mentioned earlier, the media no longer appear to care about the actual truth. Instead, they’re invested in narratives, such as the narrative that men and women can magically alter their biological sex on a whim.

The unavoidable truth is they can’t. As a member of the conservative media ecosystem, the American Wire recognizes this and will continue recognizing it, because to us, the truth matters. In fact, perhaps that will be our new slogan …


Vivek Saxena


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