CNN hosts gobsmacked DeSantis got married at Disney long before it adopted ‘woke’ agenda

It seems Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is top of mind for much of the political world, left and right — Team Trump wants nothing to do with facing the governor in the primary and Democrats want no part of a potential DeSantis match-up for President Biden.

CNN anchors Don Lemon and Poppy Harlow were doing their part to besmirch the popular Republican governor’s character Friday morning, poking fun at him for “picking a fight with Mickey Mouse,” which is a dishonest portrayal of DeSantis taking exception to Disney vowing to use its substantial power to undo a parental rights law he championed in the state.

When it was pointed out to the CNN hosts that DeSantis got married at Disney, they feigned surprise.

“Weirdly. I think he got married at Disney, too,” CNN analyst Alyssa Farah Griffin offered.

Harlow asked, “Did he really?”

“Are you serious,” Lemon gushed, before adding, “He did!”

Gov. DeSantis shared the following photo of his wedding on Facebook:

Photo Source: Facebook

Showing just how out of touch he is, Lemon proceeded to call the Walt Disney Resort’s world-famous theme park the “Magic Castle.” The actual name is the Magic Kingdom, as Harlow reminded her clueless co-host. The centerpiece of the theme park is Cinderella’s Castle.

Why they would be stunned that DeSantis and his wife Casey might choose to get married at Disney is puzzling, considering that “approximately 1,500 couples tie the knot each year at Walt Disney World Resort,” as noted by Magical Kingdoms. The site said Walt Disney World Resort has hosted more than 27,000 weddings since Sept. 1991, with couples coming from as far away as Japan, Saudi Arabia and the Netherlands to get married there.

“June is Pride Month. Every major corporation in America is going to be flying the flag, and you can’t pick a fight with all of them because that’s where the mood of the country is,” Griffin said, implying that DeSantis is anti-LGBTQ because he is looking out for the best interests of children.

Meanwhile, Lemon is mired in yet another controversy, as he declared on Thursday that black people “still aren’t allowed to enjoy the freedoms” guaranteed in the Constitution — when 2024 Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy disagreed, the CNN host shot back, “When you are in black skin and you live in this country, you can disagree with me.”

Tom Tillison


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