CNN number cruncher shows how Gaza is costing Biden bigly

President Biden is getting hammered by his radical pro-Palestinian base who are furious that he hasn’t forced Israel into a ceasefire as they ferret out Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

Because the president has not fully caved to the rabid Hamas-supporting Israel-haters in his party yet, it’s further damaging his re-election chances which were already arguably in the toilet.

The latest Wall Street Journal poll that came out Tuesday night shows Biden running significantly behind former President Trump in six of seven key battleground states for the presidency.

“As you can see here, a lot of red Donald Trump leading President Biden in six of seven swing states. Only in Wisconsin, does President Biden hold a very small lead,” CNN anchor John Berman stated skewing the tie in Wisconsin in favor of Biden, whiffing of desperation.

(Video Credit: CNN)

“What are you seeing underneath the numbers that might contribute to these leads for Donald Trump, particularly when it comes to support for President Biden among Democrats?” Berman asked CNN senior data reporter Harry Enten.

The segment was deceptive to begin with as it showed numbers from Democrats and their opinion of Biden’s performance. When you factor in all voters, it’s much, much worse for Biden. But the rift within the Democrat Party is what has Team Biden panicked.

“Yeah. You know, let’s take a look here. So this is his approval among Democrats. And by Biden’s handling of a lot of different issues here: the economy, Russia, Ukraine — pretty good, right? 81 percent,” Enten noted not mentioning those same categories are abysmal for Biden when it comes to mainstream America… especially for the economy.

“Jump down to foreign policy. You see this drop to 65%, gun violence 60%, US-Mexico border 58%. These are not good numbers for a Democrat amongst his own party. But look here, the Israel-Hamas War. Look at that approval rating. Less than 50% of Democrats are approving of Joe Biden on the Israel-Hamas War,” he lamented.

Not only are the numbers bad among Democrats, they are getting worse. If Biden doesn’t cave soon on Israel, he will no doubt lose that segment of his base and thus the upcoming election and his campaign knows it.

“And more than that, John, these numbers have gotten significantly worse. So this is Democrats’ views of Biden on the Israel-Hamas War. Look back in October of 2023. It was 67%. Look where we are today. 48% that disapprove,” Enten noted.

Look at that number, jumped up from 28% in October of 2023 to 46% now. This is within the margin of error. Democrats are split on Joe Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas War. John, you know, I look at poll numbers a lot for a president to be doing this poorly amongst his own party on any issue. It’s quite something to say,” he added alluding to the fact that if Biden loses, they will blame Israel for it.

Berman, looking very distressed, grasped for a lifeline that wasn’t coming.

“Very unusual. The question is, will this translate to actual votes?” he asked.

“Yeah. Will this translate to actual votes? All right. So let’s take a look here. This is Democrats’ choice for president. All right. If you like Biden’s handling of the Israel-hamas war, look here Joe Biden 94%, Donald Trump 2%. That’s about what you would expect to see, right? A very large lead for the Democratic candidate, maybe just a few Democratic voters going the other direction. But take a look here. If you dislike Biden on the Israel-Hamas War, look, Joe Biden still getting the lion’s share of these voters at 81%. But this is a significant chunk of Democratic voters who are going in the other direction, 15%. So what essentially we’re looking at here is a 66-point margin versus look here, a 92-point margin,” Enten responded dashing Berman’s hopes.

Berman then stated the obvious that without the Israel-hating Left, Biden loses.

“You can’t be losing 15% of Democrats if you’re Donald… if you’re Joe Biden,” he observed.

“You cannot be doing that!” Enten emphatically replied. “This type of base going in the other direction is something you can’t have, especially if you have Independents who are also turning against you.”

Even getting Democrats to the polls this time may be a challenge as they lack enthusiasm and drive to turn out. And then there are those who will vote for Trump.

“What else are you seeing in terms of enthusiasm?” Berman asked Enten.

“You know what else are we seeing? So vote choice is one thing, what about enthusiasm, right? Because you actually have to go out there and vote. Let’s take a look here,” Enten replied prepping the numbers.

Enten’s number crunching should strike fear in Democrats’ hearts over Biden’s re-election prospects. The really bad news for the Left is that even if Biden caves to the pro-Palestinians and the Marxists, the Jewish Democrats will see it and many will defect to the Trump camp. He’s in a no-win “Catch-22” situation.

“So this is Democrats who are extremely motivated to turn out and vote in November if they like Biden on the Israel-Hamas War. 63% of those Democrats say that they are extremely motivated to turn out and vote in November. That’s equal, in fact, to the percentage of Republicans overall who say they’re extremely motivated to turnout in November. But if they dislike Biden on the Israel-Hamas War, look here just 53% of Democrats, of these Democrats are extremely motivated to vote in 2024,” Enten pointed out.

“So it’s two things that are going on here, right? First off, the Democrats who don’t like Joe Biden on the Israel-Hamas War, they’re more likely to favor Donald Trump. The second thing that’s going on here is they’re less likely to turn out. This is something, again, you point out, correlation is not always causation. But in this particular case, what we’re seeing is a clear correlation. If Democrats don’t like Joe Biden’s handling on the issue of war, they’re less likely to turn out and they’re less likely to vote for Joe Biden if they do,” he concluded.


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