New poll reveals immigration crisis is bringing Americans together, and it’s not looking good for Biden

New polling highlighted the mounting concern over the border crisis as partisanship remained at play.

President Joe Biden and the Democrats’ effort to shift the blame for open border policies to the GOP proved that the left is not ignorant of the devastating impact the crisis has had on the country. Now, according to data compiled by the Associated Press with the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago, adults have made it clear how they want the matter handled.

Conducted between March 21-25, nearly 1,300 adults were asked how they felt about policy ideas on border security and immigration, prompting the most overall support for the hiring of more Border Patrol agents with 64% favoring the initiative.

By comparison, hiring more judges, limiting asylum seekers and building a wall earned 58%, 53% and 42% respectively.

A further breakdown of the numbers revealed how Democratic opinion measured against Republicans where majorities on both sides, 54% and 79% respectively, supported more Border Patrol agents, though likely for different reasons.

Considering 65% of Democrats favored more immigration judges and only 35% wanted to decrease asylum seekers, a fair assessment would suggest the left wanted to manage the crisis rather than bring it to a conclusion.

This was further evidenced by the fact that 77% of Republicans wanted to see the construction of a border wall while only 12% of Democrats favored such a solution, as did 40% of independents.

As for the president, the AP-NORC data found, “Overall, 68% disapprove of how Joe Biden is handling immigration and 31% approve. Fifty-six percent of Democrats approve compared to just 9% of Republicans and 20% of independents.”

“Roughly half of adults blame Biden and Congressional Democrats for the current situation at the U.S.-Mexico border. Republicans are more likely to blame their political opponents for the problems at the border than Democrats. Less than half of independents blame either the Republicans or the Democrats for the current border situation,” the report continued.

Meanwhile, when comparing the data to results from a similar poll conducted Feb. 16-20, 2017, more Republicans presently, 41% compared to 20%, believed even legal immigrants posed a “major risk” of committing a crime compared to less Democrats now, 10% over 16%. However, “minor risk” saw an uptick from 57% to 58% for Democrats and a decrease from the GOP from 67% to 43%.

When U.S. adults were asked to consider what issues they personally felt were important, “immigration” tied for fifth place overall at 58% with abortion. The economy held the top spot overall with 85% of respondents considering it “extremely” or “very” important, followed by health care, crime and gun policy at 83%, 76% and 66% respectively.

For Republicans, crime, health care, immigration and then foreign policy followed the economy while Democrats saw health care as their most important issue ahead of the economy, gun policy and then climate change at 76%. Crime and abortion tied at 69% for Democrats.

Kevin Haggerty


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