CNN reporter inserts herself into story, confronts Israeli protesters in Gaza: ‘They are starving!’

A CNN reporter is facing backlash for spouting Hamas’ talking points and propaganda at Israeli protesters.

CNN’s Clarissa Ward was in Israel on Friday doing a story about a group of Israeli protesters comprised mainly of family members of the Israelis who were kidnapped by Hamas on Oct. 7th.

According to Ward, the protesters were trying to block aid trucks allegedly full of food from entering Gaza. At one point, Ward got up really close to the protesters and started arguing with them and even lecturing them.


As seen above, one of the protesters tried to explain to Ward that the aid would ultimately be seized by Hamas and used to fund/prop up their terror, but Ward wasn’t listening to her.

“They’re starving to death,” the CNN reporter said, referring to Palestinian citizens in Gaza.

“They are not starving,” the protester replied.

“They are starving!” Ward then barked at the protester.

The protester then argued that if this is true — it’s not (more on this later) — then Hamas could fix it by simply surrendering.

“You know what? If they are starving to death, give us back, give our hostages back. Not a single loaf of bread should go there ’til our hostages are coming back,” the protester said.

Ward then started lecturing the protester.

“To many people in the world listening to what you’re saying and what you’re protesting for, it sounds like, A, a contravention of international law, and B, incredibly callous in the face of an epic humanitarian catastrophe,” she said.

“In the face of children starving to death, people can’t understand why anyone in their right mind would advocate for stopping aid,” she added.

Another protester then jumped in with a truth bomb before the clip ended, saying, “Hamas has no fair play, Hamas has no rules, Hamas is holding civilians!”


With this clip having since gone viral, Ward is now being bombarded with criticism on the social media platform X.


The first critic, Kimberly Haggard, nailed it. According to Israeli officials, the supposed famine in Gaza is just a mirage designed to cover up Hamas’ wicked behavior.

“The food shortage and use of the word ‘hunger’ have been exaggerated,” a senior Israeli defense official told Zvika Klein of The Jerusalem Post on Friday.

“There is no hunger in Gaza,” he said, explaining that all the food and aid that’s already been sent to Gaza from Israel has “immediately been taken by Hamas terrorists, who then sell some of the supplies for ten times more than what it’s worth.”

“Every family has enough food to survive. Are they eating five meals a day? The answer is no. We have been supplying them with aid as well as the US, but unfortunately, it wasn’t distributed to the citizens themselves,” he added.

A former senior Israeli defense official Klein spoke to also said “There is no food shortage in Gaza — there are those who are hungry since Hamas has taken all of the food and they don’t have enough money to pay Hamas on the black market.”

Reporting for the Post, Klein himself noted that when aid trucks cross into Gaza, they “often fall prey to criminal gangs and Hamas, who hijack these supplies for sale on the black market.”

The point is that HAMAS is effectively starving its own people, regardless of all the aid – and it’s a lot — that’s been shipped into Gaza in the past couple of weeks.

Vivek Saxena


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