Coalition of taxpayer-funded transgender orgs reveal deeper motives, demand reparations: ‘Pay that money now’

Much like recent drag shows for kids showed the desires of radical activists to indoctrinate the youth, a discussion held by a panel of taxpayer-funded trangender activists is proving with their own words that they are seeking total control of the culture.

In his latest piece for the City Journal, Christopher Rufo brought light to a presentation held last year titled “Decolonizing Gender” hosted by “gender-identity nonprofits” in Washington.

Throughout the article, Rufo addresses the true objective of these activists that has been obscured by slogans and suggested, “The deeper nature of trans ideology is much more radical, and the public should have a clear-eyed understanding of what trans activists believe, beyond the protective layer of obfuscatory language.”

Warning: Language

As part of the discussion run by trans activist Malcolm Shanks of TRACTION, which runs education programs for “transgender-identifying youth” funded by Washington State, Mahkyra Gaines of the Gender Justice League divulged that one of the objectives of their movement is to obtain reparations.

“If you have access to generational wealth, if you’re white and your parents have a saving account, that is very much so connected to slavery and land theft, pay people,” Gaines said and later added, “Pay people directly. Give them the money so they can have the financial security in order to rest and to heal and to connect with their communities…pay that money, reparations, pay that money to us now.”

Delano Squires, contributor for The Blaze summed up the argument as another example of liberal white guilt being enforced by black liberal victimhood.

“This is what I mean when I talk about the symbiotic relationship between white liberals seeking absolution for sins they didn’t commit and black liberals seeking empathy for injustice they didn’t endure,” he posted when he shared one of the segments from Rufo’s thread.

Other extreme ideas promoted in the discussion on a “gender-variant universe” included Shanks arguing that, “There’s no such thing as male genes or female hormones or a male body,” he said going on to argue these are merely concepts invented by white colonizers and then imposed upon non-Western cultures to maintain “a system that creates value for very, very few white men.”

Another individual who identified as a trans prostitute contended that society should affirm whatever identity a person chooses for themselves furthering the notion that actual facts are irrelevant to their argument.

Along with TRACTION and Gender Justice League, the other trans organizations funded by the taxpayers in King County and the city of Seattle included the Lavender Rights Project and Black Trans Task Force which offer legal services to LGBT youth and UTOPIA which runs an after-school program for kids when not providing services for sex workers.

Rufo concluded: “Though the ideas promoted by these activist organization might be pseudo-historical, internally contradictory, and rooted in personal pathologies, none of this has stopped them from attaining political and cultural influence. Whatever their faults, gender activists have understood that their path to power requires public subsidy and the transmission of their ideology through educational and other public institutions. On that count, they are achieving their objectives.”


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