Code Pink protesters show up at CNN anchor’s home, get hilariously trolled by his KIDS

Code Pink’s attempt to harass a CNN anchor at home had the Hamas sympathizers getting schooled with some “Star-Spangled” patriotism from his kids.

With less than a week remaining before President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are slated to take the debate stage, co-moderator Jake Tapper had an anecdote-worthy visit at his home tackling issues on the First Amendment and leftist support for the terrorists over Israel.

While it remained to be seen if the corporate media talking head would bring up a megaphone-blaring visit from keffiyeh-clad Code Pink activists during the debate, the response from his kids was newsworthy all by itself.

As protesters accused their father of being a “war criminal” for his coverage of Israel’s counteroffensive against Hamas since the Oct. 7 terror attack, Tapper’s son and daughter reportedly could be seen waving from a balcony as they countered the shrill sympathies with “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

“We hope you’re proud. You may be laughing now, but one day you will realize the damage that your dad has caused and I promise this big house won’t be worth it,” cried one of the protesters in a video circulating on social media.

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“One of the most negligent, pathetic, complicit, cowardly, lying and cruel reporters on the CNN team is none other than CNN anchor Jake Tapper. Shame!” shouted one of the leaders of the pack as Tapper was accused of spewing, “endless lies Israeli propaganda and refuses to outwardly call the death and destruction on the people of Gaza a genocide committed by none other than the fascist Israeli state.”

The protesters included in their rant a steadfast hold to the debunked allegations that the Israeli Defense Forces had bombed a hospital in Gaza which even The New York Times had issued an apology over incorrectly reporting.

Activism outside Tapper’s home appeared to be part of a broader effort by Code Pink to keep the pressure on the left to oppose Israel and ramp up the astroturf movements witnessed on college campuses where outsiders helped stir up students to attempt to get universities to vote on divestment.

On their website, Code Pink promoted “Gaza Summer School” with the caption, “It’s time to educate, agitate, and mobilize our communities like never before. Inspired by the courageous campus encampments that have swept across colleges nationwide, CODEPINK is thrilled to announce the Gaza Summer School!”

Included in their schedule was a June 3 session marked as “Disrupting Congress at Home.”

Reactions to the scene were both supportive of the anchor’s kids’ response and surprised at the protest of Tapper in and of itself as one person wondered at what he’d done, prompting Bonchie from RedState to sum up, “Anything short of being Mehdi Hasan means they will target you.”

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