Colby Covington faults judges for UFC 296 loss: ‘They hate me because I support Trump’

MMA fighter Colby Covington has been outspoken in his support for former President Donald J. Trump but his opportunity to put on a good show for the 2024 GOP frontrunner live and in person didn’t end well.

The 35-year-old fighter who called Trump his “biggest role model” squared off against his opponent Leon Edwards in the UFC 296 octagon at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday night where he would try to retake the title that he lost to Kamaru Usman two years ago.

Before getting down to business, Covington stopped by to say hello to the former president who was at ringside, Trump’s fourth appearance at a UFC event this year.

Guaranteeing a win on the “Full Send Podcast” despite his being an underdog in the match, Covington wanted Trump to do the honors of presenting him with the championship belt instead of UFC President Dana White.

“I asked Dana, respectfully, could he step to the side and let Donald Trump put it on,” he said, according to Fox News. “That would mean everything to me, man. I’m his biggest fan, he’s my biggest role model. What better way for him to put the belt around me? … Who better than the most famous person on planet Earth, Donald Trump, to give me the belt?”

“I’m gonna take that belt back, he’s gonna take back the White House and we’re gonna make America and the UFC great again,” he said.

Alas, Trump wouldn’t get the chance because Covington would come out on the losing end, blaming the referees for the loss after the fight.

“Looking at your expression when the decision was read, you seemed a bit surprised. At that moment in time did you think that you had done enough?” Covington was asked by a reporter.

“I did you know,” he responded. “I thought the third, fourth and fifth round were mine. The fifth was mine easily. Fourth I thought was mine as well too and you know I thought I did enough in the third, you know he didn’t put any damage on me, he got a couple of low kicks but then I started checking them at the end.”

“So thought I had the win, I thought I did enough but you know, the judges never favor me, they hate me because I support Trump and you know everybody hates Trump in this building so you know, it is what it is, life goes on,” Covington said.

Asked if he had spoken to Trump after the fight, the defeated fighter said, “No, I haven’t had a chance to talk to him yet. I’ll probably be able to talk to him afterward and thank him so much for coming out and making this a spectacle.”

And what a spectacle it was with the crowd going completely wild when Trump made his entry along with White and Kid Rock.

“You can delay us but you can’t deny us. He’s going to make America great again. We need these borders secure, we need inflation down and we need America first again. Donald Trump is the only one that’s going to do that again — Trump 2024!” Covington yelled to the crowd after the match as boos rang down.

“He gives me American dragon energy every time I talk to him,” Covington said. “He uplifts me and makes me want to be greater so I thank Donald Trump so much for you know believing in a small kid from you know, Springfield, Oregon, a nobody.”

“You know I came from a blue collar family and now I have a lot of things and now I have the most famous person in the world on speed dial that I can call at any time and get advice from,” he added.

Chris Donaldson


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