Colorado Dems fill seat with Marxist teacher who called for ‘FORCEFUL cultural revolution’ against ‘Whiteness’

Colorado Democrats voted on Saturday to fill an open state House of Representatives seat with a Marxist GenZ teacher who called for a “FORCEFUL Cultural Revolution” against “Whiteness.”

Tim Hernández was chosen by a committee of Democrats charged with the duty of filling the seat left vacant by Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez, who was elected to the Denver City Council, Fox News Digital reports.

Hernández, who taught at Aurora West Preparatory Academy in the Aurora Public Schools District, has made his thoughts on “Whiteness” known on social media.

In a July 2022 Twitter thread, Hernández railed against the “racist conditions of teaching.”

“80% of teachers are white because the education system wants them to be, and it isn’t ready or equipped to create conditions for teachers who aren’t white, either,” he wrote. “Instead, they choose to promote the oppression their ‘equity’ departments try and fail to dismantle.”

“If your ‘equity, antiracism’ work invests in growing white people to be less racist/ more conscious of bias instead of investing in conditions (via policy or $$$) that allow for the dignity and experience of BIPOC people to thrive, it is still white supremacy,” he stated. “You do not have to be a white teacher/admin to be an agent of white supremacy or uphold whiteness. Equity work that is not self-determined by those who experience inequity is Saviorism.”

“The language of white privilege/ racial oppression is not for white people to grow. It is directly designed to subvert a system that perpetuates white power,” he claimed. “Its purpose is not to encourage white people towards inclusivity in a racist system. It is to take power from them in it.”

It’s a view he’s clearly held for a long time.

In January 2021, Hernández made his call for a “FORCEFUL cultural revolution.”

“Am I denying the freedom to uphold white supremacy? If so, I’m in favor of that denial,” he stated. “And, white supremacy IS CURRENTLY upheld by force. So yes, Im advocating a FORCEFUL cultural revolution wherein we assert the dignity of life for all at the expense of white supremacy.”

“We’re talking about whiteness and white supremacy,” he added. “And I’m willing to advocate for any form of disruption to it and every manifestation it has.”

At a protest organized by unions, Hernández urged people to “get out into the streets” to promote Marxism.

“I want to tear some s—t up it out for you. Are you ready?” Hernández said, according to Fox. “What I think is happening in our schools, what I think is showing up in my classroom, is a lot of the things that we get into ideological circles up here. We like to compete who knows Marx better, who knows these things better, who’s a Leninist.”

“Listen, all right, I’ll give you a real take on this s**t,” he said. “Kids don’t care.”

“Yes, it’s important to know theory. But you have to do some practices, you have to get out into the streets. You have to get into your workplace. You have to go to your families,” he continued. “If we are just sitting, talking in an ideological circle, our kids are still going to schools that are underfunded where they are investing more in their failure than in their success.”

“Your [communist] theory will not save you,” Hernández said. “The revolution… will happen in the hood. It will not be led by who understand Lenin best, it will not be led by the deepest Marxists. The revolution will be led by the people…. And I say all of this because I’m a teacher.”

Fox News Digital also reports that “Hernández’s classroom was filled with flags supportive of the Palestinian and far-left political causes, including one that suggested the United States of America belonged to the Aztecs.”

Regarding his use of the phrase “Cultural Revolution,” Fox notes that it is “derived from communist totalitarian history.”

“The Chinese Cultural Revolution was a political purge and persecution of millions of suspected anti-revolutionaries orchestrated by Mao, who was the chairman of the People’s Republic of China from 1949 to 1976,” the outlet reports. “The violent movement vehemently opposed the ‘Four Olds:’ Old Ideas, Old Culture, Old Customs, and Old Habits and featured the destruction of cultural artifacts.”

Online, folks aren’t so pleased with Colorado’s choice.

“You need know nothing more about the Democrats in Colorado and the rest of the country,” wrote one user on X. “They just elected a confirmed and outspoken Communist to the state legislature, Tim Hernandez. He calls for the removal of Whiteness.”

“Tim Hernandez, booted from DPS and openly racist against white people, gets selected by a sham committee to the Colorado House,” stated another.

“Despicable. This lunatic call his fellow teachers white supremacists, made vulgar, curse fill threats towards the DPS superintendent and was fired from North High for his disruptive behavior,” fumed a third. “The Dems in the Northside are openly embracing hate filled racists.”


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