Comedian tells Dr. Drew she won’t get 4th shot after fainting on stage

During an interview with Dr. Drew Pinksy discussing her vaccination status, side effects, and an on-stage fall that resulted in a skull fracture, comedian Heather MacDonald admitted that she likely won’t be getting a fourth jab.

At one point in the interview, Dr. Drew admitted that he knew a man who received a booster shot of the vaccine and is still unable “to walk across the room,” chalking it up to “funny side effects” and still encouraging people to get the jab. However, he did seem to draw a connection between MacDonald’s vaccination status and her fainting at a stand-up comedy event in Tempe, Arizona where he just finished bragging about all of the shots she has gotten right before collapsing on stage. That fall resulted in a fracture to her skull.

Pinsky was particularly worried that MacDonald was experiencing myocarditis during the collapse, which was when MacDonald admitted that was “done” getting shots for now. To his credit, Dr. Drew backed her up saying there was “no evidence” at the moment that further vaxing is necessary for the majority of people.


Twitter reaction was mixed:

Sierra Marlee


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