‘Complete cowardice’: Group of women on ‘Whatever’ podcast refuse to define what a woman is

Common core math, the events of January 6, 2021 and the definition of a woman share one point as far as leftists are concerned and that fact played out as a group of Gen Z influencers were left struggling with the question “What is a woman?”

Trending for all the wrong reasons, the young women of the “Whatever” podcast have routinely demonstrated everything that is wrong with culture in modern American society. Recently, that was demonstrated again when host Brian Atlas posed a question once readily answered by kindergartners.

“What is a woman?” Atlas asked his panel of eight women before adding, “A cat is a cat because they are a cat. That’s not like — this isn’t a gotcha. It’s just a genuine question.”

“A woman is anyone who wants to identify as one,” the first responded instinctively parroting the approved narrative before the woman beside her voiced her own discomfort at answering the question.

The third elaborated on that discomfort as she showed how, like with common core math and the apprehension to make public all the footage from the Capitol breach on Jan. 6, leftists believe what they feel is correct is more important than actual facts.

“I understand what your argument is…if I come out and say a woman is someone who was born biologically a woman — I understand that that’s where you’re coming from,” she started rationally before shifting to agitprop, “and I agree everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I personally, I as an individual respect ‘trans’ people, I respect ‘transwomen,’ so I’m not gonna come on here and invalidate them by saying that.”

It wasn’t until the last of the eight, Aly Drummond, who was brought on as a co-host and actively works to push back on woke nonsense, that commonsense was injected into the conversation as she pointedly stated, “A woman is an adult human female. Same thing…a man is an adult human male. XX chromosomes, that means you’re a woman. There are people that are born intersex, they are an incredible minority and men are humans who have XY chromosomes.”

In their effort to maintain political correctness by “not invalidating” a predetermined protected class, the women failed to recognize that they were invalidating themselves as has been shown with men breaking records set by women in their own sports and earning awards for accomplishments as a woman that should have rightly gone to actual women.

As was set forth, the binary between men and women is simple enough that a child understands it and is only muddied by woke altruism that is not “accepting” but rather establishes who is fair game to offend. Even a small boy like the one seen in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Kindergarten Cop” could tell you that when he famously summed up the difference between men and women.


Kevin Haggerty


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