Christina Pushaw offers BRUTAL reality check after MSNBC claims DeSantis is ‘destroying’ Florida

Left-wing cable news network MSNBC is on a mission to besmirch the reputation of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as the rising GOP rock star inches closer to jumping into the 2024 race for the White House but the latest hot take from the Democratic party’s propaganda megaphone was a hot mess that was easily swatted down by the governor’s former press secretary Christina Pushaw.

Well aware that its viewers aren’t prone to individual thought outside the lines of the approved narrative for the Democrat hive mind, one of MSNBC’s house gaslighting specialists penned a column claiming that DeSantis has destroyed the Sunshine State during his tenure in office, a ridiculous suggestion that has no basis in reality.

“What is the matter with Florida?” MSNBC columnist Michael A. Cohen asked. “It’s a question posed by generations of Americans. Whether it’s throwing a live alligator through a Wendy’s drive-thru window or joining a Facebook event dedicated to shooting down a hurricane, the wonders that are Florida Man and Florida Woman have long produced wonder and amazement. But more recently, the Hot Mess state has turned into something far more troubling — the most intolerant and authoritarian-minded state in the country and a disquieting reminder of the descent of the Republican Party into the political sewer,” suggesting that Florida is an undesirable place despite the thousands of refugees from failed Democrat-run hellholes relocating there.

Cohen’s silly, over-the-top screed led Pushaw to clap back against with a short, sweet, and truthful rebuttal, “And yet somehow everyone keeps moving here! ,” she tweeted.

Not to be outdone, the DeSantis War Room chimed in by noting, “Last year Florida set a new record in tourism, with an estimated 137.6 million visitors in 2022. We will be fine without MSNBC’s dozens of viewers.”

Twitter users piled on, heaping scorn and ridicule on Cohen and his employer.

With his threat to the Democrat wrecking crew’s hold on the White House imperiled by the charismatic young Republican, DeSantis has been repeatedly smeared by MSNBC’s stable of race-baiting cranks, kooks, conspiracy theorists and news industry has-beens who no longer even bother with cloaking their lies in even a smidgen of the truth as was evident when Andrea Mitchell made her “shameful” claim that the governor was against the teaching of slavery in Florida’s schools.

The obvious desperation by MSNBC to keep their dwindling audience of dead-enders onboard is evident by the increasingly poor quality of their lies.

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Chris Donaldson


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