Cops praised after hitting a gun-firing woman with his SUV to stop ‘next-level crazy’ scene

The quick action of New York police was praised after a “next level crazy” scene unfolded with a woman waving a gun in an intersection.

“Heroes don’t always wear capes; sometimes they wear badges.”

A video that has since gone viral captured the moments after a woman reportedly had fired a gun into the air before proceeding to wave it at the public in North Bellmore, Long Island. As officers from the Nassau County Police Department (NCPD) arrived on the scene, “deadly physical force” was met in kind and a cop “made a split-second decision to put her down on the ground.”

The as-yet-unidentified woman, reported as 33 years old by News 12 Long Island, could be seen in the video waving the gun in the middle of the street before pointing it at her own head. It is then that she could be seen attempting to dodge out of the way as a police SUV squealed into the frame and clipped her, knocking her off her feet.

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Within moments, officers from the NCPD could be seen rushing toward the woman shouting, “Drop the gun!” as they closed in to arrest her.

Speaking with News 12, witness Samantha Decarolis described what had happened before the video, “She was in the street and then she came more toward the sidewalk and then she got in the middle of the road and that’s when she started waving the gun.”

The woman was reportedly taken into custody and was brought to a local hospital, as was an officer who was being treated for an unspecified trauma.

At a press conference following the incident, NCPD Commissioner Patrick Ryder led the way in lauding the actions of his officers.

“Protocol on the police department is that deadly physical force spurs deadly physical force,” he explained. “If somebody has threatened deadly physical force against you or another, you have the right to use deadly physical force, and they chose it through their vehicle and they stopped the individual.”

“It’s a loaded handgun that she’s waving around into traffic pointing at people that have got their children and their families in their cars,” Ryder detailed. “That cop made a split-second decision to put her down on the ground. ”

The commissioner also said officers “faced down deadly physical force against civilians and themselves, and they used the vehicle to stop that threat. The other option on the table is to take out the gun and shoot it. They didn’t do that.”

“I am never going to Monday morning quarterback my cops,” he told the press.

Social media users joined in offering praise to the police with MMA fighter Daniel Trkovsky posting to X, “Some people crave their 15 minutes of fame. But bringing a movie scene to real life in the middle of Bellmore? That’s next level crazy. Kudos to Nassau County Police for their quick response. This could’ve ended way worse. Heroes don’t always wear capes; sometimes they wear badges.”

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