Crazed Keith Olbermann may have finally crossed the line, openly ‘hoping’ for Trump’s assassination

Far-left crank Keith Olbermann is being encouraged to “seek help” after going on a rant that may have crossed the line for too many.

The former ESPN and MSNBC host came under fire after a social media comment that seemed to suggest the assassination of former President Donald Trump.

While Olbermann’s hatred of Trump is nothing new, the shocking response to a post by the Biden-Harris HQ account on X left many shaking their heads and earned him a violation decision by the platform owned by Elon Musk.

The Biden campaign post highlighted a segment of Trump’s recent speech in Dayton, Ohio in which he commented about being persecuted by Democrats and other enemies.

“Trump says he has been treated worse than Abraham Lincoln, who was assassinated,” the campaign captioned the post.

“There’s always the hope,” Olbermann wrote in response.

The social media platform soon responded by notifying that the post “may violate X’s rules about Violent Speech.” And when searching for Olbermann’s post directly, users are informed about the violation without being able to see the post.

Olbermann was raked over the coals by other X users with many suggesting he should be “permanently suspended” for seeming to endorse killing the presumptive nominee for the 2024 Republican nomination.

Olbermann fired back in a post that also seemed to take a shot at Fox News.

Olbermann evidently reacted to Trump’s speech in other posts as well.

Last year, Olbermann called Trump “the most dangerous terrorist in this country” and demanded he be jailed.

His attacks are not limited to the former president, as he recently told NCAA star Riley Gaines that she “sucked” at swimming. Last fall, he came under fire for gloating over NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ season-ending injury.

His latest attack on Trump reignited social media as users agreed the former broadcaster needs help.


Frieda Powers


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