Crazed naked woman wielding a ‘medieval’ weapon goes on the attack in Venice Beach

California beachgoers were left stunned by the antics of a woman on Venice Beach who, at one point, was seen swinging a “medieval” weapon.

Oh, and she was completely naked.

While some pedestrians could be seen casually walking past the scene as if nothing was amiss, many witnesses seemed either shocked or entertained by the sight.

“Video from the Southern California beach showed two women – one of them nude – using what appeared to be spiked clubs to fight one another on the boardwalk as people curiously watched. The naked woman wildly swung her weapon while the clothed woman pulled out her own bat from behind a trashcan, leading to what looked like a duel,” KNBC reported.

The two went back and forth for several minutes as onlookers watched.

“Like, they were fighting and then people were gathering around watching,” Phil Bourque, who shot the video and works in a nearby store, said of the crowd. “I mean, entertaining, that’s all I can say.”

Venice Beach resident Joe Ayala told KNBC that he had seen the woman before drinking and riding a bicycle along the beach, adding that it was not out of the norm to see her nude.

“You have to remember that 85% of people out here have some kind of issue, some kind of trauma, or something that pushed them to like where their limits get exceeded,” he said.

“It’s an everyday occurrence. There are naked people running around all the time,” Katie Bonarrigo told KCAL News.

“Nobody called LAPD while this incident was occurring,” Los Angeles City Councilwoman Traci Park told the station. “You know, people stood around filming a naked woman who is clearly vulnerable.”

“No community should have to put up with behavior like that. Visitors to Venice Beach should be intimidated by that kind of behavior and those women who are living in those circumstances are vulnerable,” the councilwoman, whose District 11 oversees Venice, said.

According to KCAL:

The fight comes just hours after another incident on the boardwalk in which a Good Samaritan tackled a burglary suspect who allegedly broke into Dudley Market. He held the man until police could arrive.

Last September, a man drinking a beer as he illegally drove down the boardwalk crashed into a jewelry vendor and narrowly missed running into a crowd of people, raising public safety concerns.

All of these events put Venice on the map, and not in the way that city leaders would like.


Despite the “duel” taking place in broad daylight with weapons and public nudity, KNBC noted that no report was filed with the Los Angeles Police Department. A spokesperson for the LAPD told the station that the crimes that could have been charged would be assault with a deadly weapon and indecent exposure.

“Somebody should have stepped in, should have helped, but a lot of people were probably freaked out by a naked woman fighting,” Ayala said, joking, “I mean, this is Venice. Snitches get stitches.”

Frieda Powers


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