Brave DoorDash driver chased down, violently attacked by woman’s abuser after coming to her rescue

A DoorDash driver got more than he bargained for when he came to the rescue of a woman in a fight with a violent man who then gave chase, causing him to total his Tesla.

Angelo Montoya, 20, saw the two fighting on Interstate 8 at Sunset Cliffs in the Ocean Beach neighborhood of San Diego and he decided to intervene on the woman’s behalf. It was a decision that had major repercussions.

“She’s screaming for help, help, help,” Montoya told CBS 8 in an interview.

“Please don’t leave me,” the woman told the intrepid hero, according to Montoya’s GoFundMe.

(Video Credit: CBS 8 San Diego)

Montoya worked for years at In-N-Out during high school to save up for the Tesla. But the San Diego State sophomore didn’t think twice when he saw the woman was in trouble according to the New York Post.

He mistakenly believed that intervening would cause the man to calm down and back off. Unfortunately, it set him off even more and the guy turned his wrath on Montoya who was still in his car.

“The aggressor starts targeting me, telling me to mind my business and I’m like, ‘No, she’s yelling for help,’” Montoya recounted during the interview. “’Back away from her, please. Back away or I’ll call the cops.’”

At that point, the unhinged man came over to his window and started hitting him.

“He punched me through the window on my neck,” Montoya told CBS 8. “That’s when I knew this is way more than I expected.”

The DoorDash driver then called 911 and told the woman to get into his car before they took off. The two fled away from the man thinking the altercation had ended.

Just moments later, the man sped up alongside Montoya’s Tesla and cut him off. He got out of his car yelling and angrily approached Montoya and the woman.

“He gets out of his vehicle and I was so scared,” the college student told the media outlet.

Montoya quickly backed up and drove toward the unstable man. The attacker jumped onto his Tesla’s hood before falling onto the road. The driver took off as fast as he could but the man chased them down again.

This time, the man slammed into the left side of the Tesla. The impact forced the vehicle to crash into several parked cars, totaling the car.

“I see him behind me,” Montoya noted. “I didn’t know what to expect and that’s when he rammed into my vehicle from the left, causing a lot of damage.”

The attacker took off after ramming the Tesla. Not long after that he was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon, according to CBS 8 San Diego.

The woman did not have any serious injuries in the altercation. Montoya wound up in the hospital with minor injuries.

“I had a lot of soreness to my neck, my lower back and calf on my right leg was hurting,” he stated.

When he got out of the hospital, Montoya started a GoFundMe to help pay for his medical and legal bills. Since no good deed goes unpunished these days, he also needs a new car.


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