Crazy video shows hero cop commandeer civilian’s bike, then tackle suspected drug dealer

It was what can only be described as a “movie moment.”

A police officer in Northampton, England, was after a bicycle-riding drug dealer who was carrying a stash of drugs made to look like candy.

As the suspect peddled into a park, the quick-thinking cop ditched his police car, commandeered a civilian’s bike, and, ultimately tackled the bad guy.

And the entire Hollywood-worthy chase was caught on the officer’s bodycam.

“This incident was an example of good old fashioned policing where our officers and members of the public worked together to take down a man whose actions were a blight on the community,” Fox News Digital quotes Northamptonshire Police Inspector Beth Warren as saying.

On August 23, police constable Lewis Marks responded to a call claiming a ma, later identified as 28-year-old Sean Prosser, had completed a drug deal.

Recently surfaced video shows Marks pursuing Prosser in his police car, but when the suspect rode into Beckets Park, Marks jumped from his car and began chasing him on foot.

The eagle-eyed cop spotted a civilian on a mountain bike and can be heard urgently asking, “Can we borrow your bike? Can we borrow your bike?”

The civilian handed the bicycle over and Marks could be heard saying “Thank you” as he raced off.

Ultimately, Marks caught up with Prosser and tackled him.

“Ow! My head!” Prosser cried. “I haven’t done anything!”

Marks slapped the cuffs on Prosser and, over the radio, informed his department that he “rammed [Prosser] off his bike.”

(Sean Prosser, via Northants Police)

“I’m going to get this bike back to its owner,” Marks told his colleagues. “I just grabbed it off a member of the public.”

True to his words, the video shows the officer riding the bike back to its owner.

“Mate I caught him,” Marks tells the young man. “I wouldn’t have caught him without your help.”

At the time of his arrest, Prosser had on him a wad of cash and an incriminating phone featuring text messages related to drug deals. Most disturbing was a Kinder egg candy toy that concealed heroin and crack cocaine.

Prosser “was charged with two counts of possession with intent to supply Class A drugs, escaping from lawful custody, acquiring/using/possessing criminal property, being concerned in the supply of cocaine and being concerned in the supply of heroin,” Fox News Digital reports. “He pleaded guilty earlier this month and was sentenced to more than three years behind bars.”

“The quick-thinking of PC Marks ensured Prosser was arrested swiftly and I’d also like to take the opportunity to thank the member of the public who let us borrow his bike,” Inspector Warren said. “Tackling drug harm is a matter of priority for Northamptonshire Police and I hope this case demonstrates how quickly we act on community intelligence in order to make our town a nicer place to live.”

Melissa Fine


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