Creator of ‘woke’ Star Wars series featuring ‘lesbian space witches’ blames viewers for low-rated show

The Disney Death Star may have inflicted a fatal blow on the “Star Wars” franchise with the latest edition to the sci-fi classic’s cultural canon being so saturated with “woke” propaganda that longtime fans have finally had enough.

The Disney+ streaming series “The Acolyte” has been slammed by critics for the ongoing leftist transformation of the worlds imagined by creator George Lucas which now includes “lesbian space witches” with it being virtually impossible these days to find a form of modern escapism that isn’t a vehicle for the homosexual agenda.

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But it’s the bigoted critics who are the problem, at least that seems to be the opinion of Leslye Headland who was touted by The Hollywood Reporter as the “first openly queer person to create” a “Star Wars” project, and she lashed out to the negative reception that the series has received as the “gayest” ever addition to the original trilogy’s expanded universe.

“I don’t know what the term ‘gay’ means in that sense,” she said of controversial remarks made during a recent interview alongside “The Acolyte” star Amandla Stenberg, adding, “I don’t believe that I’ve created queer, with a capital Q, content.”

Critics panned one of the series’ episodes in which two witches who are members of an all-woman society use the power of the force to birth their offspring, the twin female characters portrayed by Stenberg.

“They’re in a matriarchal society. As a gay woman, I knew it would read that their sexuality is queer, but there also aren’t any men in their community,” she told the outlet.

“So a closeness between the two of them would be natural. It seemed plot-driven,” Headland said. “I would say it’s really reductive to call them lesbians. I think it means you’re not really paying attention to this story.”

“I think that ‘Star Wars is so gay already,” said Stenberg in the earlier interview. “We’d be like look how gay this is and then send each other references…”

“Headland asked, “And are you telling me with a straight face that C-3PO is straight?” referring to the golden robot that was introduced in the 1977 box office smash that spawned nearly five decades of sequels for a film that has become a part of American popular culture.

“I think it’s canon that R2-D2 is a lesbian” she added, referring to Luke Skwalker’s squat wheeled droid that also debuted in the original.

“Despite being a hit with critics – it currently features an 85% Rotten Tomatoes rating among professional movie reviewers – it has a 14% audience score, the lowest rating in that category among all Star Wars content,” according to Fox News.

Of course, the film critics love it, homosexuality is vastly overrepresented in the entertainment industry as opposed to real life where the demographic remains a small minority despite its overwhelming influence on politics, culture, and even pro sports.

Lucas recently responded to critics of the original “Star Wars” movies who complained about the lack of diverse characters.

“They would say, ‘It’s all white men,’” he said. “Most of the people are aliens! The idea is you’re supposed to accept people for what they are, whether they’re big and furry or whether they’re green or whatever. The idea is all people are equal.”

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