Biden White House sweating Netanyahu address to Congress over weapons withholding claim

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming speech to a joint session of Congress reportedly has the White House very concerned about what he could say.

The leader of America’s longtime Middle East ally is expected to urge lawmakers for their support of the Jewish nation’s ongoing military operation to eradicate the terrorist presence in Gaza, an existential issue after the barbaric Hamas attack on civilian areas last October.

Relations between President Joe Biden and his administration and Netanyahu have been seriously frayed with anti-Israel Democrats and outright Hamas supporters threatening to punish him at the polls if he’s unable to use his power to force a ceasefire, and they’re worried about him potentially criticizing the geriatric leader.

The latest hit to the special relationship came over a video shared by Netanyahu last week in which he accused the Biden regime of withholding weapons shipments that are vital to the mission of finishing off Hamas in Gaza.

According to Politico, “The speech next month could create a diplomatically complicated and politically dicey spectacle for a president running for reelection. Fears among West Wing aides have grown in recent days as Netanyahu has made a series of public statements — including one in a video address delivered in English — accusing the administration of withholding more military aid than has been publicly disclosed.”

One unnamed senior official told Politico that the Israeli leader’s “video this week was not helpful at all,” adding, “And he could make it far worse up there in front of Congress.”

“No one knows what he’s going to say,” the outlet quoted another senior official, who was of course anonymous.

The obvious fear would be that Bibi might say something critical about Biden to Congress where he enjoys solid support from Republicans, something that could set off Democrats, sparking an ugly scene with the anti-Israel progs like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and her “Squad” spoiling for a fight.

“This man should not be addressing Congress. He is a war criminal. And he certainly has no regard for US law, which is explicitly designed to prevent US weapons from facilitating human rights abuses,” wrote the glorified social media influencer in a reaction to Netanyahu’s video. “His invitation should be revoked. It should’ve never been sent in the 1st place.”

“We genuinely do not know what he’s talking about,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said, playing dumb about Netanyahu’s video that comes at a time of increasing tensions with the administration.

Biden is in a dogfight with former President Donald J. Trump in Michigan, a state with a large Muslim population that could be the key to the 2024 election which has complicated the administration’s foreign policy when it comes to Israel, with Netanyahu hated by much of his party’s base.

The speech is set to take place on July 24.

Chris Donaldson


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