Criminal prosecution floated when Nevada governor is ‘threatened’ by angry hecklers at restaurant

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak (D) was confronted Sunday with “violent threats” by a Las Vegas resident fed up with the handling of the COVID pandemic.

Sisolak was out to lunch with his wife Kathy at Lindo Michoacan, a restaurant in Summerlin, Las Vegas, when he was approached by Justin Andersch, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported. Andersch politely requested a picture with Sisolak before expressing his opinion of the governor.

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“Oh man,” Andersch excitedly reacts to seeing Sisolak, “Hold on. I got to get a picture with you.” Sisolak gladly acquiesced to Andersch’s request and smiled as the host of the podcast “Cannabis and Combat” embraced him for a photo.

“Amazing,” Andersch said before beginning a salvo against Sisolak. “I can’t tell you what a piece of f*cking sh*t you are.”

Andersch continued to follow Sisolak as he returned to his wife and informed her that it was time for them to leave. Andersch proceeded to follow the couple out into the parking lot and did not relent on his accusations until the governor’s daughter caught up to the departing group.

The governor’s office released a statement following the incident that read in part, “The Governor often greets Nevadans in public with a quick handshake, conversation or a picture – talking to Nevadans is one of the Governor’s favorite parts of his job.”

The statement added Sisolak was, “deeply disappointed in how this incident unfolded, particularly with the language used to talk about First Lady Kathy Sisolak’s heritage. We can disagree about the issues, but the personal attacks and threats are unwarranted, unwelcome and unbecoming behavior for Nevadans.”

The defense of Kathy Sisolak’s heritage is a reference to the remarks Andersch made calling the governor a, “working-for-China son of a b*tch.” The allegation is a reference to a claim made by Nye County official Donna Cox in August 2021, the Daily Mail reported.

Cox suggested that Kathy Sisolak had family in China that were profiting from the continued sale of personal protective equipment promoted throughout the COVID pandemic. This accusation of profiteering was said to be the reason for the governor reinstating the mask mandate.

Andersch and an unnamed colleague in the video also called out the governor for failing to allow Nevadans access to hydroxychloroquine. However, the accusations escalated to perceived threats when one of the men said, “We should string you up by a lamppost right now. You know what they do to traitors? They hang traitors.”

Kim Yoko Smith, a spokeswoman for the Nevada State Police, said law enforcement “is aware of the incident and has opened an investigation. Due to the ongoing status of the investigation, further information cannot be provided at this time.”

Former Clark County District Attorney David Roger opined that the harassment statute of Nevada could lead this incident toward criminal prosecution. The statute, Roger said, “prohibits a person from threatening to cause bodily injury to a person if the victim reasonably believes that the threat will be carried out.”

A Republican candidate running against Sisolak in the gubernatorial race had mixed responses as Joey Gilbert, an attorney from Reno said, “Hell no I do not condemn it. You earned it Steve. You absolutely earned it.”

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo, another candidate, said, “no one deserves to be accosted while trying to enjoy a peaceful meal with their family. Hateful verbal abuse and violent threats have no place in our political system.”

Kevin Haggerty


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