Curt Schilling calls Ukraine a ‘bad’ place with ‘bad’ people, compares it to fascist Italy under Mussolini

“Outkick” host Curt Schilling sat down with Fox News host Sean Hannity on Thursday and was very blunt on how he views Ukraine currently, comparing it to fascist Italy under dictator Benito Mussolini and calling it a “bad” place with “bad” people.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded the besieged country a year ago using the excuse that he intended to “de-Nazify” it. The country has had its cities destroyed, tens of thousands of its citizens murdered, and approximately 250,000 military combatants killed. The Ukrainian people have fought back against the incursion with everything they have and the United States has poured billions of dollars and weaponry into the fight with no end in sight.

The Russians are ostensibly using the same type of warfare in Ukraine that they did in Syria. That includes drafting mercenaries from the Wagner group and offering criminals freedom from prison if they will fight on the front lines. They have also raised the age of forced servitude in the military to 65, according to Radio Free Europe.

“I just want to make one other point… Joe Biden, the visit to Russia, to Ukraine… I’m offended and I think Governor Huckabee said in a couple of ways, and I know you said it Sean… I’m offended that these people on the left are talking to us as if we are as stupid as we know they are,” Schilling told Hannity.

“And by that, I mean this. Let’s go quickly back in time. If Germany had invaded Italy in 1939, what would the world have done? Because that’s exactly kind of what’s happened here in a modern sense. One really bad person has invaded another really bad person’s country. And we’re picking sides as if there is a good — there isn’t always two sides to every story and there isn’t always good and evil,” he contended.

“These are two really bad places with really bad people and the things that we’re doing over there, to me… I have a son whose about to graduate and become a United States Marine. I’ve always been invested in our military. I love our military but I’m wondering if we are not finally realizing that the left is the side of conflict, confrontation, and war that they claim the right has always been,” Schilling asserted.

Hannity responded, “Europe should be running the front on this and they’re not.”

Before Schilling spoke to Hannity on Ukraine, the Fox News host called the conflict a quagmire.

Biden is now taking a victory lap in Europe, but the war in Ukraine is now raging with no end in sight,” he pointed out. “And now the US might be sleepwalking into what is a devastating, ongoing, never-ending, quagmire, and global conflict.”

(Video Credit: Fox News)

“Putin just backed out of a long-standing nuclear treaty, President Xi is headed to Moscow for an important visit, both countries have now threatened to annihilate the US and our allies, a new axis of evil is building right before our eyes, and China is now demanding that we, the US, apologize to them for shooting down their spy balloon in our airspace,” Hannity commented.

“North Korea is now firing off ballistic missiles left and right into the Pacific Ocean. Our enemies are clearly emboldened. America under Joe Biden is weak. The war in Ukraine is officially a quagmire. Biden just sent Ukraine enough weapons and ammo only to continue the fight. He never signed off on the munitions that would be actually needed to win the war,” he continued.

Then Hannity pointed out that despite Biden handing over billions to Ukraine, he has actually prevented the nation from defeating Russia.

“When they offered fighter jets so Ukraine could actually win the war, Joe Biden was the one to veto it. He wouldn’t let it happen,” Hannity said, referring to Biden nixing Polish fighter jets being sent to Ukraine. “Another long, protracted Democratic war, another long, protracted Joe Biden-Democratic Party quagmire.”


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