WILD video shows bystander chase down drunk driver after he killed off-duty cop

The man who was responsible for killing an off-duty Texas police officer was chased down by a bystander who witnessed the accident as he fled the scene in a wild new video of the aftermath of the fatal incident.

In November 2021, 26-year-old Dylan Molina had just finished consuming a staggering 16 shots of vodka at a Lake Worth bar when he plowed his rental jeep into a vehicle carrying Euless Police Detective Alejandro “Alex” Cervantes and his family while drunkenly driving at a high rate of speed and running a red light, a crash that resulted in the death of the officer and left his wife and two sons badly injured.

The video, newly released by the Lake Worth Police Department, shows a distraught Molina as he paces in front of the wreckage before deciding to make a break for it as he was chased by another man who shouted profanities at the fleeing killer until pinning him down after he drunkenly stumbled and fell.

“You stay right there, motherf***er! You see what you did?” said Justin Gonzalez, to the now-convicted felon. “You f***ing killed somebody, you motherf***er!”

(Video: The Daily Mail)

Cervantes died at the scene and Molina was arrested, his escape thwarted by the good Samaritan who spoke to a local news outlet about his pursuit and takedown of the perp in the moments after the Thanksgiving weekend that cut short the life of a beloved law enforcement professional, leaving his wife without a husband and his children fatherless.

“I wanted him down. I wanted him done with. I wanted the cops to be there to get him,” Gonzalez told the outlet, saying that his adrenaline just kicked in after the head-on collision that could have been him.

“I’d like to apologize for my language I was using at that time,” he said of the multiple F-bombs that he dropped on the fallen Molina in the video. “I just blacked out and I had the father instincts and the dad instinct because two seconds later, it would have been my car.”

(Video: YouTube/Fox 4 Dallas)

“Something in me was just telling me like he’s going to run. Something’s not right in the situation. I could feel something was not right in the situation,” he said of Molina whom he quickly realized was intoxicated.

“I figured he was still walking behind me. But at that point, it’s when he turned around and started running, at that point when he started running, I just…something clicked again and I was like what is this man doing? And I just turned around and started going after him,” he recalled.

Prior to the fatal accident, Molina had reportedly sucked down a staggering amount of booze at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, eight-double Red Bull vodka cocktails.

(Image: Screenshot/The Daily Mail)

“Eight doubles, 16 single shots, is more than anybody should have in a three-hour period. Maybe even at all,” said Lake Worth Police Chief J.T. Manoushagian of Molina who was also captured on a video from inside the bar, stumbling as he held onto a drink.

“Clearly, not in a good place to be operating a vehicle. Clearly intoxicated. He’s holding another one of those double vodka and Red Bull drinks there, and then he simply walks away,”  Chief Manoushagian said.

Last month, Molina pleaded guilty to intoxication manslaughter along with three cases of intoxication assault and was sentenced to 15 years behind bars for the killing of Cervantes.

(Image: Screenshot/The Daily Mail)

“‘It’s not gonna bring Alex back, but at least he’s locked behind bars and not able to hurt another family like he did ours,” said Priscilla Cervantes, the deceased officer’s widow who is suing Fuzzy’s Taco Shop and its parent companies, Molina and the bartender who served him the cocktails before the tragic incident.

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