Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper booed for saying Trump will be ‘next president’: ‘Look at the polls!’

The Daily Show host Jordan Klepper flatly stated on Monday that former President Trump would be the next president, telling his audience to just look at the polls as he was booed for the prediction.

The Comedy Central crowd was not amused with Klepper’s declaration. The leftist host is a rabid Trump-hater but even he can see the political writing on the wall at this point, although he does seem to hold out hope that the former president will be thrown in prison.

During the opening segment, Klepper mocked the contenders for Trump’s vice presidential pick as a “class Trump beauty pageant” held at Mar-a-Lago. That was evidently in reference to the former president meeting with a number of potential candidates for his 2024 ticket. He predictably made fun of the meeting and then turned to Trump’s New York trial. That was when he dropped a bomb on his audience informing them that none of Trump’s trials or tribulations will prevent him from being reelected in November.

Klepper depicted Trump as a “toddler” and a “brat” who has already won when it comes to Judge Merchan’s gag order violations, despite his threat to put Trump in jail over them. On Monday, Trump was hit with a tenth violation of the order.

(Video Credit: The Daily Show)

“Donald Trump has the mind of a toddler. If there’s one thing a toddler understands, it’s that when mom and dad start counting like, nine, nine and a half, nine and three quarters, the brat has already won,” Klepper proclaimed.

He asserted that even if Trump went to jail it would not stop him from becoming president.

“Whether Trump is thrown in jail for a few days over the gag order or thrown in jail for a few years, he’s still… going to be the next president,” the comedian contended.

The audience seemed to be in shock at first as they nervously laughed and then they booed when they realized it wasn’t a joke, but a prediction.

“Look at the polls, everybody!” Klepper informed them doubling down on the issue.

The majority of polls show Trump beating Biden with a couple showing the reverse. Real Clear Politics shows Trump with an average lead over the president of 1.2 points currently. An Emerson College survey and a Wall Street Journal poll both showed Trump leading Biden in seven swing states as well recently.

It looks like Klepper has a point. According to the Real Clear Politics poll compilation, CNN is now showing Trump up 6 points over Biden. A Harvard-Harris poll shows Trump up by 4 points and Emerson shows the former president with a three-point lead.

That isn’t stopping media outlets from claiming that for the first time, Biden is now ahead of Trump in a desperate attempt at damage control.

“President Biden is leading former President Trump in polls for the first time since October, according to The Hill/ Decision Desk HQ’s (DDHQ) latest average of polls,” The Hill is reporting. “Biden is ahead of Trump by 0.1 percentage points. The president is polling at 45 percent support to Trump’s 44.9 percent, based on DDHQ’s average of 685 polls pitting the two against each other in a likely 2024 match-up.”

Once again, we see polls relying on political bias. There is no doubt that Americans still show up for Trump by the thousands and Biden can’t even fill a room. That is why many voters no longer trust the polls or the media – they see Trump’s support no matter what the Left claims.


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