Dan Crenshaw unloads on Tucker, gets hit with blowback: ‘click-chaser … cowardly, know-nothing elitist’

Rep. Dan Crenshaw, a longtime foe of Tucker Carlson, has joined critics in assailing him for his criticism of the Israel-Hamas war.

As previously reported, while interviewing a controversial Christian pastor living in the West Bank this week, Carlson slammed Israel’s ongoing war against Hamas, arguing that the war is leading to the unnecessary deaths of countless Christians.

In response, many pro-Israel conservatives pounced, accusing Carlson of spreading anti-Semitic propaganda and conspiracy theories.

In a tweet published Wednesday, Crenshaw, who’s long butted heads with Carlson, joined the critical chorus.


In the tweet, he accused Carlson of being a click-chasing grifter and “washed-up news host” who sows “doubt and paranoia.”

“Tucker’s MO is simple: defend America’s enemies and attack America’s allies,” he wrote. “There isn’t an objective bone left in that washed-up news host’s body. Mindless contrarianism is his guiding principle, buttressed by his childish tactic to ‘juSt aSK quEsTiOns!'”

“But any educated adult, especially one with such a long career in journalism, should occasionally try *answering* some of those questions objectively. But he never does. Instead, he uses his platform to sow doubt and paranoia and false narratives,” Crenshaw added.

He continues by claiming Carlson does this — “sow doubt and paranoia and false narratives” — purely for profit.

“He does this for one simple reason: clicks and engagement, which of course translate to monetary benefit,” the congressman alleged. “He wants you to believe he is the last place you can go to for truth, that he’s the ONLY one brave enough to reveal the elitist lies being told.”

“This nonsense about Christian mistreatment in Israel is just the latest example. Tucker will eventually fade into nothingness, because his veneer of faux intellectualism is quickly falling apart and revealing who he truly is: a cowardly, know-nothing elitist who is full of shit,” he added.

As of Thursday morning, Crenshaw’s post boasted only 6.4 thousand likes but nearly 9,000 comments, virtually all of them blistering.

Case in point:

The last time the two quarreled was last month, when Carlson accused the congressman of having voted to “give [President] Joe Biden the power to shut down news sites that dare challenge him.”

Carlson specifically shared a Twitter video of Crenshaw outside the U.S. Capitol responding to questions about a bill that would have prohibited foreign adversaries from controlling major apps.

“This is Rep. Dan Crenshaw as he walks out of the Capitol after voting to give Joe Biden the power to shut down news sites that dare to challenge him,” he wrote as a caption.

“Crenshaw tells reporter Liam Cosgrove that U.S. intel agencies don’t meddle in domestic news coverage, when of course he knows that’s untrue. Watch his face as he says it. Liar,” Carlson added.


As noted earlier, Crenshaw wasn’t the only one to go after Carlson over his criticism of Israel.

Among his critics was also NewsNation’s Leland Vittert, who on Wednesday slammed both Carlson and liberal comedian Jon Stewart for their recent criticisms of the Israel-Hamas war, claiming they hate Jews.

FYI, Vittert is a former Fox News employee who had a more liberal bent than many of his colleagues.

Vivek Saxena


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