Dana Perino: Expect a standing ovation for Biden at SOTU, but not because of his accomplishments

Fox News host Dana Perino predicted Tuesday that President Joe Biden would receive a standing ovation during his first State of the Union (SOTU) address, but not for anything that he accomplished.

Leading up to the SOTU, questions have lingered about the effectiveness of Biden’s leadership. Even ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, former White House Communications Director for President Bill Clinton, has posited that Biden’s abysmal approval rating, around 37 percent, has left some wondering about “the president’s mental capacity.”

White House press secretary Jen Psaki gave a hint at the spin that Biden and his corporate media surrogates will try to apply while appearing on “This Week.”

Likening America’s standing to the aftermath of September 11th and the 2008 economic collapse, events preceding the first SOTU for Presidents Bush and Obama respectively, Psaki said, “it is about delivering a message to the public at a moment in time…” and “He’ll speak to that, but he’s also going to speak about his optimism about what’s ahead and what we’ll have to look forward to.”

Inflation is at a 40-year high, gasoline prices are their highest in eight years and the invasion of Ukraine threatens a destabilization of energy markets that will see those prices climb higher, Fox News reported. Meanwhile, the CDC eased recommendations on masking following a revision of their standards that merely changed the optics of the current state of the COVID pandemic.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) suggested in light of the “moment in time” Psaki spoke of, “they’ve probably torn up the draft they had…and are realizing that issues are getting away from them.”

“…they’re going to need to buckle down and do some hard work on these foreign policy issues,” Blackburn continued. “We’ve got a lot of countries now that are very upset with the U.S. because we’ve appeared weak and indecisive about how we were going to move forward against aggressors.”

It is for that reason that Perino believes Biden is going to try to leech favor from the public’s support for Ukrainian President Volodymy Zelenskyy. Appearing on “Fox & Friends” the co-host of “America’s Newsroom” and former White House press secretary for the 43rd president touched the manner that Zelenskyy had endeared himself to people worldwide.

(Video: Fox News)

“One of the things you will definitely see him do today,” Perino said, “is get a standing ovation because, not because of something that he has done as an accomplishment, but because of the president of Ukraine.”

Zelenskyy, Perino said, “united the West and even people in our country to be inspired by his courage and his bravery. So I think the first standing ovation you will see tonight, in a moment of unity and a little bit of a grace, note, will be about the president of Ukraine.”

Referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion as an “18th-century land grab in a 21st-century world,” Perino went on to say how Biden would need to capitalize on the support the United States is willing to provide Ukraine .


Kevin Haggerty


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