Dave Portnoy says privileged protesters would have their tongues cut out if they were in another country

Dave Portnoy slammed pro-Palestine campus activists, suggesting they should go to the country that they’re protesting for and see what happens if they pulled their antics there.

The Barstool Sports founder discussed the anti-Israel problem children, saying that he would never hire them and that their temper tantrums and privilege would likely result in their having an offensive body part amputated overseas for such protests, seemingly referring to Islamic countries.

Portnoy discussed the ugly scenes at U.S. colleges with host Stuart Varney on Friday’s edition of “Varney & Company” on Fox Business and, as is typical for the brash businessman and pizza king, he didn’t mince words.

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“What do you make of the anti-Israel protests happening college campuses?” Varney asked. “My question is, would you hire any of these activists?”

“No. I wouldn’t hire any of these activists,” Portnoy responded. “And I’ve been doing Barstool for 20 years, and these protests I’ve been through Walls Street, Occupy Wall Street, if you remember, Black Lives Matter, #MeToo, now Israel, you have serial protesters who, in a lot of these cases on college campuses, don’t even care about the cause, and then you have some people who actually do.”

“But these people, I’d like to see them go to some of the countries that they think are so great, cause issues, break into buildings and then demand food from the campuses, saying ‘we”re doing a hunger strike you better feed us.’ They’d cut their tongues out,” he said.

“These people are always gonna protest, they’re always gonna hate this country for whatever reason, and they’re always gonna try to create these type of issues,” he continued. “What’s different for me in this protest as the other ones I mentioned, there is no other group of people, I don’t care if we’re talking African-Americans, Asians, women, transgenders…any group that you want to mention that could be so openly intimidated on campus and just have the administration sit there and do nothing.”

“For some reason it’s ok to do with Jews. I don’t know why,” Portnoy added. “You can protest. that is a bedrock of this country. Peaceful protest, but the second you start intimidating other groups saying you know, ‘from the river to the sea’ and ‘burn America to the ground’…and supporting a terror group Hamas, that you cannot do.”

“And you should be punished, thrown in jail, and I don’t want to hear you cry about it either,” he said. “And again, a lot of these people, they don’t even care about the cause, Stuart. They literally jump from protest to protest, they’re mad at their lot in life, they hate America. Go protest in Iran, see how it goes…half the people in these groups, they’d be thrown in the gulag in two seconds.”

“Not everything is perfect, and this issue in Gaza, you can have 30 people who are all very intelligent and you can have 30 legitimate discussions on different point of views and how to handle it,” Portnoy concluded. “These kids don’t care about that, they just want to create chaos and they’ll move to the next cause.”

Chris Donaldson


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