‘Twilight Zone’: Trump atty Habba rips ‘snarking’ reporters who only work during something ‘salacious’ in court

Trump attorney Alina Habba called out “snarking” reporters and those “pretending” to be journalists and the “Twilight Zone” scene inside the Manhattan courtroom where the ‘hush-money’ trial against the former president is being held.

“You’ve been there most of the time, right, in court? In this kangaroo court? No one knows what is happening inside. Can you give us a little color about what it’s really like?” Fox News host Jesse Watters asked Habba on “Primetime” Thursday.

“So it is actually cold. I agree with the president on that. I didn’t know how cold it would be,” she replied, referring to the temperature inside the courtroom where porn star Stormy Daniels took the witness stand this week.

“So, you know, you walk in and it’s really actually something surreal. You feel like you’re in the Twilight Zone. Today, I walked in, and the first person that caught my eye was everybody from Greg Kelly on the right to George Conway on the left, Kaitlan Collins sitting there,” said Habba, who is not representing Trump in this case.

“And, you know, I appreciate that they all want to act journalistic in those moments. I’m sitting there and I’m looking, but they’re snarking and it’s very strange feeling,” she added.

“You know, it’s like a show trial. It is for the media. Right? Except there’s no law that’s been broken. They haven’t even named the crime,” Watters noted.

“It’s unbelievable! And when anything salacious happens, all you hear is the clicking of, you know, the keyboards. But when actual law and facts are discussed, it’s silent,” the attorney replied.

“That sums it up perfectly,” Watters said.

The Fox News host also asked Habba about Judge Juan Merchan who is overseeing the trial.

“He is definitely commanding. You can tell that he is outspoken; you can tell that he has an opinion,” Habba said. “In front of the jury, do I think it’s appropriate? No.”

Discussing Daniels’ testimony with Fox News’ Sean Hannity earlier this week, Habba said, “When you have inconsistencies with any witness, it speaks volumes.”

“When you pick people who aren’t credible, it speaks volumes,” she added,

She also called out the “salacious” information being presented to the jury.

“They went ahead and put salacious information that was frankly false,” she said. “We know that from words that were said prior to this trial and now we’re sitting here scratching our heads wondering where taxpayer dollars are going.”

Frieda Powers


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