David Axelrod suggests Biden’s pride will be his downfall in November

Former Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod suggested President Biden’s “pride” may be his downfall in November.

Axelrod took issue with the 81-year-old president’s economic messaging during a CNN panel discussion in Milwaukee, Wisc., where Biden held a campaign event — he did agree it’s “absolutely true” that the economy has improved under Biden and that the U.S. came back faster than any other country from the pandemic-driven economic crisis.

“But that’s not the way people are experiencing the economy,” he said. “They are experiencing it through the lens of the cost of living. He is a man who’s built his career on empathy… why not lead with the empathy?”

“And I think he’s making a terrible mistake,” he continued. “If he doesn’t win this race, it may not be Donald Trump that beats him, it may be his own pride.”

On that note, the RNC is sharing a video online of Biden downplaying inflation during a recent interview with CNN, responding that Americans “have the money to spend” when asked about the “pain” people are feeling at the grocery store:

Biden takes a hit in polling on the economy, with voters saying they trust Donald Trump more, but the president’s response here is to question the polls.

CNN host Erin Burnett tweeted on the interview: “I note that voters in polls say they trust Trump more on the economy by a wide margin. [Biden] mentioned Michigan confidence survey and adds ‘the polling data has been wrong all along. How many – you guys do a poll at CNN, how many people do you have to call to get one response?'”

When asked if he’s worried about “running out of time” to turn the economy around, Biden told Burnett, “We’ve already turned it around.”

Tom Tillison


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