Kamala Harris ripped for pandering with ‘Extraordinary Gentlemen’ dinners to claw back Black vote

A desperate Vice President Kamala Harris is now “pandering” for all she’s worth to black voters as President Biden continues to freefall in the polls leading up to the 2024 presidential election.

Running out of options and time, the Biden campaign is deploying Harris in an attempt to claw back the black vote that has been flipping to former President Trump according to the polls. She will push an initiative called the “Nationwide Economic Opportunity Tour.”

“The idea, which entails Harris hosting private dinners with black men in business, politics, and culture to talk about their stories and learn how the administration’s policies can support the black community, received criticism from some who speculate the move is ‘pandering,’ including political strategist Scherie Murray,” Fox News reported.

“I think she’s pandering,” Murray commented on Thursday in an appearance on “Fox & Friends First.” Harris’ effort has been branded the “Extraordinary Gentlemen” dinners.

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“They’re not winning the black vote. I think polls are showing that the Biden administration is slipping as it comes to the African-American vote across the country, so they’re trying to pull out all the stops to try to secure a voting bloc that they’ve long taken advantage of,” Murray continued.

I decided I wanted to get out, and get out of DC and get into the neighborhood, into the community,” Harris told Al Sharpton in an interview according to the Daily Mail.

“I’ve got some wonderful young brothers in particular who are very successful in business and I’ll be talking with them about their story and what our policies can do to support people like them,” she brazenly pandered.

Trump is taking a big bite out of the black vote from Biden who carried that voter demographic in the last presidential race and it has the White House panicked.

“A NY Times/Siena College poll from March, for instance, indicated Trump’s support among black voters had risen to 23% as of February 2024, compared to the only 4% support one month before the 2020 election. A Wall Street Journal poll from April found that approximately 30% of black men polled across seven swing states are backing the former president’s bid to return to the White House,” Fox News noted.

At the same time, Biden’s support among black voters has plummeted to 63%, according to a USA Today/Suffolk University poll released in January. It’s a 30-point decline from the 92% that Pew Research Center data shows he won in the 2020 presidential election,” the media outlet continued.

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States Newsroom economy reporter Casey Quinlan wrote an article for the Georgia Recorder that understandably alarmed the Left. In it, he points out that support for Biden is waning in part due to a tanking economy.

That’s not the only front that is hurting Biden this time around either. Jamie Shaw, another guest on “Fox & Friends First” Thursday, brought up illegal immigration as another topic that is hammering the Biden administration.

“Shaw lost his son in 2008 when he was gunned down by an illegal immigrant and later died after being transferred to an area hospital. He touched on that incident on-air,” Fox News stated.

“When my son was murdered, a lot of people were saying I was used by the white man, and I’m a racist, and all that kind of stuff. All of a sudden, now people understand what I was talking about… they see that the illegal aliens are getting everything. Black men are getting nothing,” he charged.

“Black men are tired,” Shaw bluntly claimed. “We want prosperity like everybody else. We see what’s going on.”

Biden is currently on his way to San Francisco for a fundraiser. Once again he is coming off as elitist, begging the wealthy for support with tickets going for as high as $250,000 a pop.


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