David Frum gets community noted, then roasted for claiming GOP ‘lied’ about not jailing women for abortions

Neocon extraordinaire David Frum, a writer for The Atlantic, is facing backlash for spouting pure lies about the GOP.

The lies he spouted concern Celeste Burgess, an 18-year-old Nebraska woman who earlier in the week was sentenced to 90 days in jail for concealing the remains of a 30-week-old baby she’d aborted using pills.

But to hear Frum tell it, the reason she’s going to jail is because Nebraska Republicans had earlier this year banned abortions after 12 weeks.

“They swore up and down they wouldn’t send girls and women to prison for having abortions. They lied,” the Democrat Party henchman tweeted Thursday.

Look, and take note of the “Community Notes” fact-check:

Prosecutors did not charge Celeste Burgess under Nebraska’s abortion law. She pleaded guilty in May to removing or concealing human skeletal remains, a felony. Prosecutors agreed to drop two misdemeanor charges against her: concealing a death and false reporting,” the fact-check reads.

The fact-check was plucked from The New York Times, which reported the full story on Thursday.

“The teenager, Celeste Burgess, 19, and her mother, Jessica Burgess, 42, were charged last year after the police obtained their private Facebook messages, which showed them discussing plans to end the pregnancy and ‘burn the evidence,'” the report reads.

“Prosecutors said the mother had ordered abortion pills online and had given them to her daughter in April 2022, when Celeste Burgess was 17 and at the beginning of the third trimester of her pregnancy. The two then buried the fetal remains themselves, the police said,” the report continues.

There’s also evidence that the pair may have tried to burn the aborted baby.

“At some point, a man who helped them told the police that the women had tried to burn the fetus. The remains were exhumed and showed signs of “thermal injuries,” [detectives in the case] wrote,” the Times notes.

Now notice what the Times reported about Burgess’ mother having given her abortion pills in April of 2022. This means this all happened BEFORE Roe v. Wade was overturned and Nebraska banned abortions after 12 weeks, meaning Burgess’ conviction and sentence had nothing to do with it.

With this in mind, many critics responded to Frum’s defamatory tweets by rightly accusing him of being the real liar:

Others, meanwhile, attacked Frum for downplaying and defending Burgess’ decision to abort her child at 30+ weeks.

“David Frum out here full-throatedly endorsing and defending the DIY chemical killing of a viable third-trimester child, followed by the burning of her remains, and illegal concealment of those human remains. Which, to be fair, is pretty on brand,” conservative commentator Mollie Hemingway tweeted.

See more reactions below:

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