David Hogg zinged over call to action on Ukraine: ‘When are you going to volunteer to fight?’

Leftist gun control advocate David Hogg was owned on X after calling for action in defense of Ukraine and for everyone else to fight against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“If Ukraine falls it sends an extremely dangerous message to autocrats around the world. It’s expensive- but it’s a lot cheaper than WWIII. We can not give up on Ukraine. Putin must be stood up to,” Hogg declared on X.

“When are you going to volunteer to fight?” conservative pundit Catturd asked opening the floodgates on social media.

The leftist darling was endlessly dragged on X for asserting that we have to stop Russia in its tracks or Americans will wind up in World War III fighting on the frontlines. Well, everyone except Hogg that is.

He had other gems to share on his X timeline that were just as lame.

“These idiots pulling funding from Ukraine will soon find their kids and my generation on hot battlefields across Europe. I can’t understate how significant of an inflection point in the 21st century we’re at right now. We can’t abandon our ally,” Hogg proclaimed on X.

“Everyone needs to give a f*ck about what happens in Ukraine and stopping Putin. History tells us if we don’t we’ll be forced to soon enough. If Ukraine falls and Putin invades Poland it will make the end of the most prosperous and peaceful era in human history. We can’t risk this,” he continued.

While Hogg is continuing to campaign for stripping Americans of their right to bear arms, he evidently wants all of them sent over to Ukraine.

Right now he’s advocating for gun control in Virginia and getting a ton of pushback over it.

“It’s a full-out war on gun owners,” Philip Van Cleave, president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, said in a phone interview with Courthouse News Service. “All the stuff ends up restricting the rights of law-abiding people.”

Hogg is also trying to rally young leftists to run for office and his group is raking in big bucks to help do that.

“A Democratic group that aims to recruit and support young candidates for state legislative office announced it raised more than $3 million in the latest quarter of fundraising,” The Hill reported.

“Leaders We Deserve — a group founded by activist David Hogg along with Kevin Lata, Rep. Maxwell Frost’s (D-Fla.) former campaign manager — announced Wednesday its fundraising haul between October and December. More than 100,000 donations were made, with the average contribution being $25, according to figures first shared with The Hill. The group received donations from every state,” the outlet breathlessly added.

And while Hogg comes to the defense of one of the most corrupt nations on the planet, those seeing his posts tore into him and his grandstanding hypocritical politics:


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