Dean Phillips calls out fellow Dems and media: ‘Shame on all of you’ for pretending that Joe Biden is OK

Democratic presidential candidate Dean Phillips dropped a brutal reality check on everyone “pretending everything is ok” with President Joe Biden.

The businessman and former U.S. representative from Minnesota warned in a post on X that burying collective heads in the sand over Biden will lead the nation – and the president – “into disaster.”

Phillips added video footage from Biden’s most recent gaffes as he told an anecdote about his first G7 summit in Europe after being elected president, mistakenly referring to a conversation with the late former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl rather than Angela Merkel.

“I’m attacked for being honest and saying the quiet part out loud – the part DC insiders only do in private,” Phillips wrote in a post that drew the attention of journalist and podcast host Megyn Kelly.

“I admire our President. I voted for him and campaigned for him. He has visited my home and been gracious to my family and our country,” the 2024 presidential hopeful added.

“But shame on all of you pretending everything is ok. You are leading us – and him – into a disaster, and you damn well know it,” he concluded in a scathing rebuke.

The gaffe-prone president spoke at a Las Vegas campaign event on Sunday where he mentioned “Mitterand from Germany.” Though he corrected that he had meant France, he didn’t correct referring to Francois Mitterand at the G7 summit – even though Mitterand died in 1996, nearly three decades before the summit.

Biden told the same story at multiple fundraisers in New York on Wednesday but this time, he told donors about attending his first G7 summit as president in 2021 and how he spoke with former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl – who had died four years earlier in 2017.

Kohl had not been chancellor since 1998 and, at the time of the summit in 2021 that Biden referenced, Angela Merkel was the German chancellor.

The president’s multiple lapses in memory, trailing thoughts and general gaffes have drawn repeated criticism from Republicans while Biden’s supporters continue to make excuses for him.

Though Biden’s fans were quick to thrash him on X, Phillips’ no-nonsense call to reality was met with plenty of agreement on the social media platform.

Frieda Powers


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