‘Democracy is on the ballot’ Bill Maher falls for Dem talking point that makes zero sense

Despite a recent hash of good takes, liberal comedian Bill Maher has, sadly, fallen for the big lie that “democracy is on the ballot” this election cycle.

During the latest episode of his HBO show, he framed next week’s midterm elections as “the most important election ever” because “democracy is on the ballot.”

He added that anyone who cares about democracy should vote for “the one party that still stands for democracy preservation.”

And amazingly, despite the Democrat Party’s descent into authoritarian madness, he genuinely believes them to be the ones who stand for “democracy preservation.”

Listen to his rant below:

“Democracy is on the ballot, and unfortunately, it’s going to lose, and once it’s gone, it’s gone. It’s not something you can change your mind about in reverse — that’s gender. So here’s what’s going to happen. Republicans will take control of Congress, and next year they’ll begin impeaching Biden and never stop,” the seemingly oblivious rant began.

As a reminder, Democrats impeached former President Donald Trump twice, though some Democrats had wanted to impeach him a third time as well.

“They’ll impeach him for getting out of Afghanistan and getting into Ukraine, for inflation, for recession, for falling off his bike. It won’t matter, and it won’t make sense, but Biden will be a crippled duck when he goes up against the 2024 Trump/Kari Lake ticket. And even if Trump loses, it doesn’t matter,” Maher continued.

“On Inauguration Day 2025, he’s going to show up whether he’s on the list or not. And this time he’s not going to take no for an answer, because this time he will have behind him the army of election deniers that is being elected in four days. There are almost 300 candidates on the ballot this year who don’t believe in ballots, and they’ll be the ones writing the rules and monitoring how votes are counted in 24,” he said.

His claim was based on a list of “election deniers” recently published by FiveThirtyEight. The problem with the list is that not everybody on it has outright denied the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election.

Many have simply raised valid concerns about how the left had demonstrably manipulated the flow of information prior to the 2020 election. For instance, recall what happened with the New York Post’s reporting on Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop.

But according to the left, anyone who raises any concerns about the election is a so-called “election denier.” Meanwhile, the left is allowed to voice the most conspiratorial nonsense about the upcoming 2022 elections without being labeled similarly.

Continuing his remarks, Maher then warned that if Republicans perform well next week, America will slide into an authoritarian state.

“This really is the ‘Crossing the Rubicon’ moment when the election deniers are elected, which is often how countries slide into authoritarianism. Not with tanks in the streets, but by electing the people who then have no intention of ever giving it back,” he said.

Actually, authoritarianism comes to pass when people keep relinquishing more and more of their freedoms to one centralized authority — as happened during the COVID pandemic, incidentally enough, because of the left’s draconian diktats.

“The Republican up for Wisconsin governor just said if he’s elected, ‘Republicans will never lose another election.’ This is how it happens. Hitler was elected. So was Mussolini, Putin, Erdogan, Victor Orban. This is the ‘it can’t happen to us’ moment that’s happening to us right now. We just don’t feel it yet,” Maher continued.

“We’re the Titanic right after the iceberg hit, and honestly, too many Americans just don’t care and won’t even care after it happens because they never followed politics to begin with and were never taught in school what democratic government was supposed to look like. So how sad can they be about losing something they never knew they had?” he added.

The Republican in Wisconsin, Tim Michels, who’s currently leading in polls, said his party “will never lose another election in Wisconsin” if he wins.

His point was likely that he intends to do such a good job as governor that nobody in the state will want to elect Democrats back into office again.

Regardless, Maher continued the rest of the segment by ranting more about the big, bad Republicans — particularly Trump — and how they want to turn America into a dictatorship like China or Russia.

It’s the same sort of refrain that’s been coming from the Democrat Party and, in fact, their head honcho, President Joe Biden.

The president delivered a speech earlier in the week in which he, too, espoused conspiratorial nonsense about democracy being on the ballot.

The following day on Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the eponymous host of the show took an axe to the president’s hyperbole.

“‘Democracy is on the ballot,’ says Joe Biden. No, Joe Biden. The names of candidates are on the ballot. Democracy is not on the ballot because democracy is not determined by the outcome of an election. Democracy is the election itself. Democracy is the process by which citizens choose how they will be governed according to their own desires. That’s their choice. It’s not yours, but Joe Biden is telling you the opposite and you should know that,” Carlson said.

“He’s telling you that unless you arrive at a very specific outcome, the very outcome he commands you to arrive at, the system itself is illegitimate. We control the system. We have a moral right to control the system. Therefore, if we lose control of the system, the system itself can no longer exist. This is a dramatic misreading of what American democracy is,” he added.


“In American democracy, the people who control the system only have a right to control that system to the extent the public grants them that right through voting,” Carlson continued. “What Biden is describing is the Soviet version of democracy where elections exist to ratify the status quo, to bolster the cabal already in power. That’s effectively what the Democratic Party is saying out loud.”


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