Greenwald destroys ‘authoritarian’ left: ‘Democratic politics is about criminalizing opposition’

In a scathing weekend Twitter thread, independent journalist Glenn Greenwald blew up the Democratic Party for being, “at its core,” an “authoritarian” mob that wants to jail its opposition.

From the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago to its arrest of Trump adviser Peter Navarro in a crowded airport to perp-walking Steve Bannon, to surrounding Mike Lindell at a Hardee’s drive-thru to the never-ending so-called “investigation” into Jan. 6, Americans have repeatedly watched as President Biden’s Justice Department targets and arrests those who dare to object to Biden’s regime.

In the left’s latest attack on Twitter, Ryan Cooper, managing editor at The Prospect, called prosecutors the “chickensh*t club” for their failure to charge Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) in a sex-trafficking investigation.

And that’s when Greenwald decided to make an example out of Cooper, who didn’t bother to mention why Gaetz wasn’t being indicted.

“This is a perfect illustration of how authoritarian so many Democrats are,” he began. “This Democrat doesn’t know or care why career DOJ prosecutors decided the evidence was insufficient to prosecute Matt Gaetz.”

“What he knows is that Gaetz supports Trump,” he continued, “and thus wants him imprisoned.”

“I can’t stress this enough: at its core, Democratic politics is about criminalizing opposition to their party and ideology,” he cautioned followers. “Dissenting ideas are ‘disinformation’ and must be censored by Big Tech. Trump voters are inherently criminal (‘insurrectionists’) and should be imprisoned.”

Unlike Cooper, Greenwald backed up his allegations with a “mountain of polling data and other quantifiable evidence demonstrating how Democratic Party loyalists and liberal activists are now classic authoritarians.”

“They are what they accuse others of being,” he stated.

Linked to the tweet was a video from Oct. 2021, in which Greenwald cites data from Pew Research Center that shows Democrats are increasingly in favor of having the U.S. government “restrict false information online, even if it limits freedom of info.”

In 2018, 40% of Democrats and those who lean Democrat were fine with government-imposed censorship. By 2021, the number had surged to 65%.

And that’s just one of the facts he shares.

The Dems’ stranglehold on its preferred narrative is a hill Greenwald is clearly willing to die on.

He even left The Intercept — an outlet he co-founded — after he was asked to tone down a piece he was writing on the left’s flip-flop on COVID-19 messaging when it was time to go protest George Floyd’s death in 2020, according to the Daily Wire.

“As usual, elite institutions — media, government, public health authorities — love to whine about the refusal of the public to trust their pronouncements, complaining people turn to other less credentialed and worthy sources,” he tweeted at the time. “But they *never* ask what they did to cause this.”


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