Dennis Prager stirs hornets nest when he points to ‘female teachers’ and academic decline

Conservative commentator Dennis Prager caused a stir after claiming that female teachers are “part of the reason” for the deterioration of academia.

“So I now have for you another female teacher — They dominate academia, increasingly, and it is part of the reason for its deterioration,” Prager said on the most recent episode of “The Dennis Prager Show.” This moment quickly spread across social media.


“I know it sounds misogynistic, but only to an idiot,” Prager said, preparing for the inevitable backlash. “Am I claiming all women are awful teachers? Of course not. But if 95% of the librarians, for example, or 85% of the kindergarten teachers are female, and the libraries are increasingly featuring trans story hours … Drag queen, that’s right. A lot of terms you have to master here. Then it is not foolish let alone misogynistic- the CEO of PragerU is a female.”

“What the left does, is they throw names out instead of arguing,” he continued. “They’ve been doing this since Stalin called Trotsky a fascist.”

Social media was quick to respond:

Sierra Marlee


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