Denver mayor cuts $5M from public services to pay for illegal immigrants, faults GOP, Donald Trump

Residents of the “sanctuary city” of Denver will now have fewer hours to enjoy the recreation centers, won’t be able to register their vehicles in person at the DMV, and will have to skip smelling the city’s flowers because the illegal migrants who have descended on Denver need more money.

All of this inconvenience is, of course, the fault of Republicans and that bitter orange boogeyman, Donald Trump, according to Denver’s Democratic Mayor, Mike Johnston, who announced on Friday he is slicing $5 million from public services.

“The cuts follow the mayor’s decision last month to divert $25 million from the city budget to the migrant crisis,” Fox News Digital reports. “That plan included pulling $10 million from a contingency fund and $15 million from a building remodel. Those actions followed the city’s decision to hold many positions vacant and review new or expanded contracts and programs.”

In total, Mayor Johnston expects the migrant crisis will cost Denver roughly $180 million in 2024.

And it’s all because Republicans wanted the Senate’s “bipartisan” border bill to actually close the border rather than fund wars in Ukraine and Gaza.

“The choice by Republicans in Congress to purposefully kill a historic, bipartisan border deal this week will have a devastating impact in Denver,” Johnson said after Republicans successfully killed the disastrous bill.

As he choked back sanctuary-salted crocodile tears, Johnston told reporters, “I’m incredibly proud of how city team members have stepped up over the past year, but it is clear that the federal government is not going to support our city.”

Denver will reduce the number of migrants it provides for and continue monitoring spending in addition to the cuts, according to the mayor.

As BizPac Review reported at the beginning of the year, Denver is the top destination, per capita, across the United States for foreign migrants who have crossed into the States via the open border with Mexico. In January, the city announced that migrants who have remained in the sheltering system for 42 days will be receiving eviction notices.

According to Fox News Digital, “Earlier this week, the city began ejecting around 800 migrant families from shelters as it scales back on aid for illegal immigrants.”

“About 40,000 migrants, mostly from Venezuela, have arrived in Denver over the past year, and more than 3,500 are living in city-funded hotel rooms, according to the Colorado Sun,” the outlet adds.

But don’t blame the migrants, Johnston stressed.

“I want it to be clear to Denverites,” he said. “Who is not responsible for this crisis that we’re in [is] folks who have walked 3,000 miles to get to this city.”

Trump wanted the border bill to fail, Johnston stated, so people would keep on “suffering.”

“Despite broad bipartisan support, I think [former President] Trump and Republican leaders saw this as a chance that if this bill actually passed, it would have successfully solved the problem facing cities and the border and they would have rather seen it fail so they could exacerbate these problems, extend the suffering of American people and of newcomers for their own electoral changes this November,” he said, according to The Hill. “That was far beyond what I expected from even the most cynical of political operators.”

Fox News reports:

As part of the new cost-cutting measures, recreation centers will close one day each week, while DMV satellite offices will alternate closing one week at a time beginning March 4. The city will not recruit a class of nine new DMV employees.

Furthermore, Denver Parks and Recreation will cut spring programs by 25%, and regional centers will go from seven days of weekly operation to six days. Local and neighborhood centers will continue to be open six days a week but with a reduction in hours of operation.

Johnston said that full-time city officials will not lose their jobs, but seasonal employees may have their hours cut or positions left open.

“More conversations ahead as we navigate this challenge, but we’ll push through,” Johnston wrote on X. “Denver is bigger than this moment.”

“It’s easy Mike,” replied one user. “You chose illegal aliens over Americans.”

Melissa Fine


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