Deputies kill Florida teen, 19, who turns gun on his mother after already killing his father

A newly released police bodycam video showed tense moments as a Florida teen who had already shot his father then turned the gun on his mother as cops exchanged fire.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office reported on the horrible scene that left three dead and an officer injured on Saturday in Tampa. The deceased were identified as Christos Alexander Themelis, Jr., the 19-year-old suspect, and his parents, Rebecca Ann Themelis, 48, and her husband, Christos Byron Themelis, 51.

“The monster we encountered this evening is responsible for not only injuring our deputy but also killing his own mother and father,” said Sheriff Chad Chronister in a statement. “Our deputies responded to a chaotic scene and immediately put themselves in harm’s way to protect our community. Without our deputy’s quick and skillful response, an entire neighborhood would have been in danger.”

Deputy Shane McGough, whose bodycam footage was released, sustained a gunshot wound to his leg.

(Video Credit: 10 Tampa Bay)

“To see this situation unfold is truly scary,” Chronister said. “There is no doubt that the swift response of our deputies mitigated the threat for this community. Please keep Deputy McGough and his family in your prayers as he recovers from surgery this morning.”

Police reportedly received a call just after 11 p.m. on Saturday from the woman later identified as Rebecca Ann Themelis saying her husband had been shot.

“While on the phone with the HCSO dispatch center, several more shots were fired,” the sheriff’s office said in a press release. “Upon arrival, deputies encountered the caller and suspect outside of the residence.”

“Show me your hands, show me your f****** hands,” Deputy McGough could be heard shouting at Christos Alexander in the footage.

He directed the mother to “get out of the house now” and walk towards him, as he said, “he’s got her at gunpoint,” on his radio.

“Listen, we don’t want to hurt you, just let your mom walk to us, let her walk to us OK?” the 26-year-old deputy could be heard telling the suspect, instructing him to “keep your hands up” and “Do not reach behind your back.”

“Ma’am get away from him now and come here,” McGough pleaded with the woman as he urged her to “walk to me, walk into my flashlight.”

To his horror, the teen “then shot his mother, the caller, and turned [and] fired towards deputies,” according to the sheriff’s office. “Five deputies returned fire, deploying their service weapons, causing Themelis, Jr., to retreat into his home.”

A SWAT team and robot were used to enter the house through the front door.

“Unfortunately the first person we encounter on the ground is the father,” Chronister said at a news conference. “The father had succumbed to his injuries.”

The teen suspect had also died from injuries sustained in the shootout with deputies.

“Deputies have responded to incidents at the home 10 times prior, with the majority being related to mental health services and violence against the suspect’s parents, Chronister said at the news conference,” the Daily Mail reported. “He noted that there was also an active risk protection order against the 19-year-old that led deputies to seize his guns.”

Deputy McGough reportedly underwent surgery to remove the bullet from his leg and a metal rod was inserted.

Frieda Powers


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