DeSantis beats Biden if election were today, and many voters STILL haven’t heard of him, study shows

Other members of the GOP may be strategizing when they’ll announce a bid for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, but only two names have remained at the top of every poll and, according to one recent survey, only one of those Florida-based conservatives would beat President Joe Biden head-to-head.

Former President Donald Trump was quick to announce his presidential campaign and, other than former National Security Advisor John Bolton declaring “intent to run,” after two months he remains the only notable candidate. Speculation has raged over the potential of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis challenging him in a primary with polls mixed over who Republican voters prefer.

Now, according to a survey conducted by WPA Intelligence in early January, not only was DeSantis projected to be a winner against Biden where Trump would lose if the election were held now, more than a third of respondents were unable to properly identify America’s Governor.

When asking over 1,000 likely voters to choose between the current and former presidents, 49 percent favored Biden while only 41 percent supported returning to Trump. By comparison, DeSantis eked out Biden by three points with a 45 to 42 percent victory.

Further details of the survey painted an image of a party ready to move on to something new as when asked who they had voted for in the last election, more admitted voting for Trump then while fewer had backed Biden with 42 and 46 percent respectively. This group featured respondents who reported being “very” or “somewhat” conservative as opposed to liberal at 38 to 29 percent with 33 percent weighing in as moderate.

Adding more context to the results, less than two-thirds of participants could identify DeSantis from his image alone suggesting that his name ID, (only 80 percent among likely voters) still has room for growth and, as the only one of the three with a positive net favorability, can potentially garner more support.

DeSantis had a +2 percent net favorability among all likely voters compared to Trump’s -21 percent and Biden’s -10 percent. When considering non-white or young voters only, Biden had an advantage in those demographics with a +17 and +5 favorability compared to Trump’s -39 and -34 percent. The Florida governor beat Trump in those areas as well with negatives of 12 and 18 percent respectively.

Also worth noting, an even larger percentage of those demographics admitted to having never heard of DeSantis, at nearly a quarter of each group.

It remains to be seen whether DeSantis will even announce a bid for the presidency as the governor remained adamant during his reelection campaign that his focus was on the Sunshine State. Some believe he could jump into the race as early as Spring while others have suggested he will at least hold true to his promise through the legislative session, perhaps making an announcement after it concludes in May or as late as July, perhaps around Independence Day.

Kevin Haggerty


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