‘Culture of secrecy’: Whistleblower blows the lid off Fauci family’s alleged lucrative ties to massive ‘public health complex’

Comedian Russell Brand sat down with “Open The Books” CEO Adam Andrzejewski on Sunday to discuss Dr. Anthony Fauci and his ties to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) which has reportedly benefited from “$1.4 billion in secret third-party royalties over the past 12 years.”

Andrzejewski, acting as a whistleblower, exposed what he called a “culture of secrecy” at the NIH and exposed alleged corruption within the ranks of the company where Fauci worked for decades.

He told Brand that the NIH “is actually a revolving door” which facilitates the system.

“Every year, [the agency] dole[s] out about $32 billion worth of grants to about 54,000 health care entities across the United States. Think pharmaceutical companies, universities, research outfits, the entire public health complex. That buys you a lot of friends, that buys you a lot of allies,” Andrzejewski asserted.

(Video Credit: Russell Brand)

Andrzejewski is claiming that the NIH “leadership and 2,400 of its scientists” have benefited from “$1.4 billion of these hidden, secret third-party royalties” over the last dozen years.

He called it a tangled web of self-interest that involves Fauci and his wife, Dr. Christine Grady. She currently serves as the head of the Department of Bioethics at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center. Anthony Fauci is the former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). Both agencies are overseen by the NIH.

“If U.S. public health was a game show,” Andrzejewski quipped, “I think we’d have to call it ‘Meet the Faucis.’”

He went on to point out that Fauci has made dicey ethical decisions in medicine in the past.

“In 2005, the Associated Press got an unredacted database and they found that Fauci had burned down all the firewalls. He had received $45,000 of royalties for an AIDs therapeutic that he had invented,” Andrzejewski charged.

He went on to assert that Fauci not only benefited indirectly from the invention of the therapeutic but was also allowed to invest taxpayer money in bringing it to market.

“As the director of the agency, he had invested another $36 million of taxpayer money to enhance his invention. And once this was exposed, he said he would donate his royalties to charity,” the whistleblower recounted.

According to Andrzejewski, Fauci never gave the money back.

Andrzejewski also told Brand that his career has been negatively impacted by his reporting on Fauci, who is the highest-paid official in the government. Or at least he was during the pandemic. Fauci has served under numerous presidents and wields significant political power as well.

“Forbes treated me well for eight years until I started writing about Anthony Fauci. I wrote three columns [about Fauci] over the course of three weeks and those are the last columns I ever wrote at Forbes,” Andrzejewski stated.

One of the articles that was published in January 2022 referenced financial disclosures and showed that the Faucis made $1.7 million in 2020 alone.

Brand has made Fauci the topic of discussion on his show numerous times before and has doggedly attempted to expose his dealings, influence, and finances concerning the pandemic. Andrzejewski furthered and solidified those allegations during the interview.

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