DeSantis press sec questions Sun Sentinel editorial board’s fix on her: ‘Because I humiliate you?’

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Fresh off of smearing Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo, the editorial board of the virulently left-wing Sun-Sentinel is now aiming its guns at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ outspoken spokesperson, Christina Pushaw.

In a scorching column published Tuesday, the board accused her of being a “full-time propagandist” for DeSantis. At issue specifically was the fact that last month, Pushaw wondered in a tweet whether the neo-Nazi demonstrators seen recently in Orlando were “Democrats in disguise.”

“Do we even know they’re ‘Nazis?’ Or is this a stunt like the ‘white nationalists’ who crashed the Youngkin rally in Charlottesville and turned out to be Dem staffers? I trust Florida law enforcement to investigate and am awaiting their conclusions,” she wrote.

The tweet referenced what happened just a couple months ago, when leftists affiliated with the left-wing Lincoln Project tried to smear then-Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Younkgin, a Republican, by posing in front of his bus as white supremacists.

The board didn’t care for Pushaw’s since-deleted tweet.

“They were not [Democrats in disguise], of course, and she soon deleted the tweet. … A Palm Beach County rabbi, Jeffrey Salkin of Temple Israel, called Pushaw’s comments ‘reprehensible,'” they wrote.

“In an era of endless spin, Pushaw takes things to new lows. She lights up social media with incendiary and off-base remarks that would have embarrassed previous governors and gotten press aides fired. DeSantis seems to relish them, and that’s the problem.”

Responding to the editorial board’s attack, Pushaw pointed out that in July, the Sun-Sentinel had posted a completely false, made-up story about how the governor was about to “sign [an order] to ban masks in Broward schools.”

DeSantis has never sought to ban masks — his only goal has been to eliminate mask mandates, thus giving parents the option to choose whether or not to mask their own children.

Note that in her since-deleted tweet, Pushaw simply speculated about the neo-Nazis’ identity and said she’d wait for the authorities to conclude their investigation before reaching a final determination.

There was, conversely, no speculation in the Sun-Sentinel’s story — they portrayed something that wasn’t true as fact, meaning that they outright lied.

Pushaw’s supporters meanwhile responded to the Sun-Sentinel’s attack by using the strategy made famous by supporters of far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — accusing the paper’s board members of wanting to date her.

They aimed their fire specifically at David Schutz, the one board member who had the apparent courage to post the op-ed to his Twitter feed.


Pushaw threw some shade at Schutz as well:

The piece continued by attacking DeSantis for complaining about the left’s attempt to smear him for the neo-Nazi demonstration in Orlando “as if I had something to do with that.”

“Nazi ideology, the greatest evil in modern history, committed the genocidal murder of millions and devastated Europe with war and is resurgent in the U.S. The numbers may be relatively small, but antisemitic attacks are rising,” the board complained.

“History demands, and Americans expect, that their leaders denounce Nazi racism whenever it erupts from the sewer. Other Florida politicians in both parties spoke up swiftly and loudly against the outrage in Orlando, making DeSantis’ silence all the more conspicuous.”

But the governor wasn’t silent. He’d responded to the neo-Nazi demonstrators by saying that he wasn’t going to waste his time over “some jacka–es” when his law enforcement agencies were already busy doing what was necessary “to hold them accountable.”

He’d also slammed the left for trying to portray themselves as the champions of Jewish people.

“I’m not going to have people try to smear me that belong to a political party that has elevated anti-Semites to the halls of Congress like [Minnesota U.S. Rep.] Ilhan Omar, that have played footsie with the BDS [Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions] movement, that even had people in their party that have cavorted with Farrakhan,” he said.

“No, we’re going to take our record in Florida and what we’ve done, [including] sign the strongest anti-Aemitism bill in the country. We’ve stared down companies who were indulged in BDS like Airbnb. And we’ve won.”

It’s the same stunt the left — including the media — pulled with former President Donald Trump. They repeatedly accused him of engaging in anti-Semitism, despite so many Jews, including former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, having described him as the most pro-Jewish and pro-Israeli president in U.S. history.

Vivek Saxena


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