DeSantis ‘staying with his wife through her cancer treatment,’ as AOC mocks him as missing

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For weeks now, congressional Democrats, Democrat activists and their ideological allies in the establishment press have been pillorying Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for allegedly being “missing in action” amid an upsurge in COVID cases.

Just type “DeSantis missing” into any search engine and you’ll encounter countless stories accusing the governor of ignoring his duties and going on “vacation” as Floridians allegedly suffer. The same phenomenon can be witnessed on Twitter.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got in on the action herself Friday after criticism was leveled at her over her being spotted living “Livin’ la Vida Loca” in the Sunshine State as her own state is experiencing its own far worse COVID crisis.

“Hasn’t Gov. DeSantis been inexplicably missing for like 2 weeks? If he’s around, I would be happy to say hello,” the congresswoman snarkily tweeted Friday at the governor’s official “Team DeSantis” account.

FYI, whereas only a handful of people (only four on the 27th) have died in Florida, hundreds (116 on the 27th) continue to die daily in New York, according to the data available for review at Worldometers.

Nevertheless, criticism from the left is being directed solely at DeSantis. Below is an extremely small sample of this otherwise voluminous criticism:

There’s a lot more where that came from.

What there’s a lot less of is honesty about DeSantis’s whereabouts.

The governor’s publicly available schedule shows that he’s not been “missing,” according to tweets from both his communications director, Kyle Lamb, and his spokesperson, Christina Pushaw.

“Just FYI, @GovRonDeSantis is not on vacation. Literally no one from our office has said that he is. Anyone pushing that could have easily seen the public schedule and seen that he’s taking calls and meetings this past week. Not having public events does not = ‘vacation,'” Lamb tweeted on Thursday.

Pushaw meanwhile tweeted a screenshot of the actual schedule.


FYI, Secretary of State Pete Buttigieg claimed that he, too, took calls and meetings while he was out of office for over two months on paternity leave earlier this fall. Except that the establishment left didn’t complain when he did it.

There is another notable difference between him and DeSantis. The governor’s wife was diagnosed with cancer in early October and has, in recent weeks, been undergoing cancer treatment. More importantly, he’s been accompanying her at times.

“A DeSantis spokesperson said the governor accompanied wife Casey to cancer treatment Dec. 29, the day several left-wing critics accused the governor of ‘missing,'” Fox News confirmed Friday.

In a tweet, Pushaw added that “it’s not surprising if he wants to take a few days off at Christmas to spend time with his family” given his wife’s diagnosis and the fact that he has three children (versus Buttigieg’s two adopted children).

But the governor’s left-wing critics don’t appear to care about this or the fact that New York’s COVID crisis has been far more deadly. All they seem to care about is attacking DeSantis, i.e., their new “Orange Man.”

Late Friday, the governor tweeted photos of himself standing alongside his cancer-stricken wife as he accepted a Defender of Freedom award at a “Let Us Worship” event.

In response to the photo, leftists decided to attack both him and his wife.

Observe (*Language warning):

It’s these sorts of unhinged responses driven by pure hate that have conservative commentator Matt Walsh, a devout Christian, convinced that there’s no chance conservatives will ever see eye to eye with the modern left.

“The Left says DeSantis abandoned his post because he took 2 weeks to care for his cancer stricken wife. But they defend Buttigieg when he skips town for two months to hang out at home with his husband and adopted twins. People of no integrity. There is no reconciling with them,” he tweeted Friday.

Was he wrong?

Vivek Saxena


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