Descartes redefined: I believe therefore, you need to believe what I believe or else…

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The woke world is like a fantasy game that those who play demand you play, even if you aren’t interested in playing with them. As we know, wokesters’ core belief is that you are what you feel you are and that is what you are, so, in their view, men can be women and women can be men despite biological realities. They believe that men can have children, men can menstruate and really struggle when asked the question: What is a woman? 

Gender, according to those who subscribe to this philosophy, is a social construct. In other words, a person’s gender is solely determined by nurture (environment) and nature (genetics) is left out of the picture. A person’s body parts are actually viewed as culprits in the issues a person has in adjusting to the world because they don’t jive with what the person believes he or she should be. According to these individuals you aren’t born male or female, and sex is assigned at birth because no one ever asked the newborn his/her opinion. This fits perfectly with the entire victim narrative that is obsessed with the idea that it’s righteous for people to deny biological and physiological realities and take back their lives by making their own affirmations regardless of possessing body parts to the contrary. 

Ordinarily, this wouldn’t be a problem, except for the fact that proponents of this ideology aren’t satisfied with merely living what they feel, but instead demand that everyone else accept their conclusions and the world must conform to what their own mental state dictates even if that mental state is predicated on false beliefs that conflict with reality, which is the definition of a delusion. This includes allowing men to compete in women’s sports, men who claim to be women entering spaces once reserved for women (including restrooms), males being put in female prisons and, of course the ever popular, throwing temper tantrums if someone dares to refer to them with the “wrong” pronoun. People refusing to conform to this agenda are labeled transphobic, but this is a misnomer because to be transphobic an individual would have to show fear of transgender people. I don’t believe that those refusing to accept this mode of thinking are fearful, I think they just don’t want to encourage what they believe is an unrealistic view of the world that will change things and make them worse.

So the question here is simple: What delusions are still considered to be delusional, and by delusional I mean thinking that is based on a fantasy? If there is no binary when it comes to gender, can this also apply to race, species or any other classifications? Can someone who lacks melanin (the chemical in one’s body that determines skin pigmentation) claim to be a person of color? Can someone who was born in one country or geographic area make the claim that they are from an area that they have never lived in or even visited? Can someone who thinks they are a cat require others to provide them a litter box? Can people identify as inanimate objects? What is the end game?

For restroom or locker room management, the solution is quite simple. Remove the words and symbols for male/female and replace them with pictures of genitalia. If you have a penis, you use this room, if you have a vagina then you use this room. This would reduce all claims of discrimination because all you have to do is look down to know what room to use. 

In a world where fantasies are embraced as reality, how can anyone be judged as being mentally ill? There is no such thing as my reality and your reality or my truth and your truth. To claim anything to the contrary is what leads to confusion and there are a lot of people who are very confused. Case in point, many on the left are quick to point a finger at individuals of one culture who dress or wear hairstyles associated with another culture, which they label “cultural appropriation.” Yet, these same individuals view men dressing as women as acts of heroism, wouldn’t this be, given their logic, sexual appropriation? Why is one thing reprimanded and another celebrated? Why is it that a conservative can make a claim to make a point, as I heard Piers Morgan make when he asked a guest why he couldn’t identify as a black lesbian? The guest, of course, questioned his sincerity, but if you can’t question anyone’s claims, how can you question someone’s true beliefs about how they identify?

The dramatic increase in people claiming to be transgender, especially young people, can be traced to three things: 1) transgender surgeries, medications that include puberty blockers is a very lucrative business, 2) the liberalization of higher education has turned out left-wing psychologists who make policies allow their politics to reclassify mental illnesses as a behavioral spectrum and in doing so, delusions then become “expressions,” 3) the claim that gender is nonbinary has opened up the Pandora’s box of sexual expression that appears to have unlimited choices, so people opt for these choices. A website titled: lists 81 types of genders and gender identities: 81 Types of Genders & Gender Identities (A to Z List) (2023) (

When people were gay or straight, male or female, it was the equivalent of going to a restaurant with a one page menu. However, as the “menu” of genders went from male/female and gay/straight to male, female, intersex, non-binary, gender-queer, genderfluid, gender non-conforming, gender expansive, agender, gendervoid, omnigender, pangender  etc. is it any wonder why people expanded their gender types? Why choose vanilla or chocolate when there are so many other flavors available?  Gender studies is the Baskin and Robbins of sexual choices.

One of the characteristics of schizophrenia, a mental disease characterized by people interpreting reality abnormally, involves hallucinations, delusions and behaviors that impairs a person’s ability to function. Thus, if a society is forced to accept someone’s beliefs as truths, where is the line drawn between people being what they believe versus a state of mental illness?  

Being respectful of another person’s choices is part of living in a civilized society, but going along with something that goes against your own core values and being forced to adopt policies that contradict logic and biology is a form of tyranny. Descartes wrote, “I think, therefore I am,” as a means of understanding existence, it doesn’t mean that just because you think you are something, everyone else must accept it.


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